: TAMPA (area) MEET ?

10-30-03, 03:00 PM
Just putting some feelers out to see how many tampa guys we have and how many would be interest in a get together at a "cruise in" car show , they have one just about every weekend , i ususly take dads vette but if we all wanna do a "caddy row" i run down in the deville ...

here is what i know so far

the "open to all cars and years" show happens at a checkers on dale mabry and flecther ( or fowler i got those two mixed up) i went to that show last weekend , and it was awesome , 8 vettes, a AMX chevvels and a few pt cruisers just to name a few and one 1988 fleetwood (the kids that owned it apperd to have a atitude so i didnt go talk with them)

the first saturday of the month in addition to the car show they hold a scale model car car show (not sure of location )

all events are family freindly and have activies for the offspring so maybe bring some offspring and a wife if you would like , the guy that runs them makes sure everything stays safe and cool , and theres music from the 50s and 60s

did i mention all the classic cars ? :thumbsup:

anyway , post up if youd liek to go and when is a good day to do it im looking around nov 15th but thats not set in stone , so sometime mid nov or the first wekend in december if we have any other scale model car enthusats like me

then there is just doing a meet ata hooters (mmmmm)

or make me a sugestion

10-30-03, 08:22 PM
I'd love to, but my car shouldnt be in a car show, unless its for bashers. I would be interested in the model cars and hanging out with some other caddy guys.

10-31-03, 08:16 AM
cool , you should bring a model , put it in that show .......

how does that flowmaster sound on it ?

02-03-04, 02:23 PM
How about a Hooter's meet in Brandon?:cookoo:

02-03-04, 03:19 PM
maybe , lets see how much interst we can get on it

I Use N20
02-19-04, 08:06 PM
i would like to come one weekend from ft.pierce....let me know

I Use N20@yahoo.com

02-20-04, 12:00 PM
cool , we got some interest , maybe ills end some pm's out next week to the other tampa guys , see what we can get going (got a paper to do this weekend )

02-25-04, 03:45 PM
Sounds good. I am doing one I think 3/18 or 19 with the VW diesel crowd(wife's car). Let's try for April, get some interest and I will find a good date when we can get some good tracktime. I go there very often.

05-10-05, 03:16 PM
Bump back ....

weve gotten more tampa folks ......so lets keep the feelers out .....

05-10-05, 06:24 PM
plain it for june my friend and i could be there! If all goes well and i get a car. Looking at a 57 bell air heheheehe!

05-10-05, 09:58 PM
well we might do one a bit ealier but a june met i think will work too , as nightwolf will be moved down , and a few other members should be around here

so far we have a idea from

Hey we should try to get all the tampa members to do a meet at Pizza Suprema in Tampa on Bruce B. Downs in super target parking lot. The problem is it's always discussed and never followed through on.

Brett ,sandman ,hitmoney, and everyone else bay area ....come on tell us the low down whatca all think