: 2004 Deville DHS

06-12-05, 10:08 AM
I bought and imported this car last year for my wife as she liked the cadillac Escalade i owned, but disliked the size, she finds access to off roaders difficult so a sedan it had to be. This vehicle provides the ideal conditions to use on highways and is extremely luxurious. My family like this car very much, and we use it more than my ESV PLatinum. It cost considerably less, and is only marginally less uncomfortable, previous to the old escalade I owned a Seville, which was very good but if i could of bought this car at the time i would of. Anyway, my review follows


Comfortable to drive
Wonderful N* V8
Superbly fast
as good as nearest mercedes equivelant
Brilliant parking/reversing warning system
Good quality television reception
Night vision is brillliant for UK roads, as many are unlit


Rather large on UK roads
Tax on this vehicle is phonominal
AC unit unreliable
expensive to buy and import

Overall, i like this car very much, when the Seville was on offer in the UK a few years back, i jumped at it, however, if i knew at the time something of this quality was available, i would have imported then, it is a good luxury car, and is handy for formal events as it can be driven by a chauffer when we need it to be, we dont therefore need to hire limo transportation, we just hire a driver, which saves us an enoumous amount of money, both of my cadillacs i bought without a test drive, which i have no regrets about. I would reccomend this as a viable alternative to a mercedes benz

07-05-05, 10:24 PM
I'm curious what king of image cadillac has in the UK. Do people generally ask you what car it is or does the majority know? How much did you pay to import the car? Would you say a cadillac is a common sight in the UK?

07-06-05, 09:10 AM
Mostly pople here do know what a cadillac is, however they see images of 80s tanks when i tell them i own one, it has a label as a prestige brand here, and is somewhat exotic, ffew cadillacs were sold here, so there arent many on the roads. However people seem genuinely impressed with them, if you park either of them, but particularly my escalade in a street there is often a crowd looking at it, i'm unsure if thats to see if i can park it though!. If GM did bring cadillac back to the UK it would have difficulty in convincing the customer to buy in to what effectively would be a "new" brand. it sure as hell would make it cheaper for me to upgrade my cars though!

My wfes DHS cost 30,000 GBP ($53,000 USD) plus import costs this all came to 39,000 GBP (about $69,000 USD) and for that price you get a cadillac that is rare in the UK. I've only ever seen one other on the roads here.