: is it possible to replace a brake line fitting only?

06-12-05, 07:48 AM
my rear brake line has begun to leak at the fitting on the left side is it possible to just replace the fitting? the line is ok its just the fitting is rusted and old I'm talking about the one that you turn to disconnect the metal line fromt the rubber hose.

would it be possible to cut the tube replace the fitting and then make it stay on somehow?

how do shops install the fitting on the lines?

All I need is the fitting it'd be a shame to replace the entire line.

06-12-05, 09:12 AM
be safe, replace the line. by the time you cut off the rusty end and put on a new fitting, and flare the line(which is a pain unless you have a good flare tool off a snap-on/mac/matco truck, the $19 parts store ones are worthless), it'll be too short anyway.

06-12-05, 02:24 PM
What happens typically is the end of the flare cracks, so to be safe you need to cut back just enough to get out of the stressed area. So like patgizz said it will be too short. Good advice on the tool, I don't have one, you need a double flare tool, not a single, single WILL leak or break suddenly. You can buy some line at a parts store, and then bend it (make a bender or buy one, they are fairly inexpensive) and run a partial new line to the rear end where it splits at the rubber line. It is the best way. You still end up needing a flare tool to get the lines the right length. So weight out taking it to a shop vs buying the tools. For me, buying the tools is often the best way, it pays off in the long run for sure. Autozone does rent tools for cost of the tool, and they refund it when you bring it back. Most are decent quality there. Call as ask if they have a double flare tool.