: 360 HP reman N*....BBob what's your take?

06-11-05, 12:56 AM
Ok, so I've been looking into replacing my N* as it's eating quite a bit of coolant (1/2 jug in 2 weeks or about 600 miles). Now I spoke with a rebuilder about a N* and he said that his company had options for more aggressive cams, springs, and retainers that on the dyno had shown output of 360HP over the stock 295HPish. He also mentioned a .1 overbore on each cylinder which worries me because I thought those cast iron sleeves weren't meant to be any thinner. I was wondering if any of these modifications could produce the increase he claimed, and even if they could, would the OBDII allow the engine to put out that much more power?

I know the whole tuner thing has been burned down with the N* as the OBDII is a real pain, but companies like the board supporter RSM Racing offers ported heads which supposedly can bump performance. I'd like some more technically oriented people weigh in on this one as I'd like to steer clear of snake oil salesmen...