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06-10-05, 08:44 PM
hey guy i have an 85 Fleetwood Brougham Cadillac,with rims stock, i want to buy new rims for it , dose any one know what rim size they are, if they are rwd, or fwr, and what kind of lugs they need?

06-10-05, 10:37 PM
The 85 Brougham was RWD, and the Tire Size was:
P215/75R15 SBR WSW

06-11-05, 02:17 PM
Yours has the 5 bolts on a 5" circle. aka, 5x5. You should be able to run up to 8in wide, with a 4-4.5in backspacing with no issues. Always measure. You likely can get away with more, but you will back to backspace it more on the back to keep from hitting the fender. If you haven't done it (I haven't, but I have read on it), you are best to find someone who either has fitted what you want, or knows how to fit the rims. You can get into a huge expense on wheels, and selling them new because they don't fit sucks.

That said, you might be able to fit the Impala SS wheels (17in, I think 8.5" wide), take a look at Katshot's ride, they look great), if you can find a buddy who has them and would let you try them would be awesome. I have never seen them on a 85, but it would likely look cool.

If you are looking to keep stock hubcaps, run the Suburban C1500 (2WD 1/2 ton)15" x 8" wide rims, that is a choice of the Impala SS guys for winter rims, it will be a sleeper option that will improve handling of your ride. Just paint them black and put the caps back on.... That is what is going to happen to my winter tires soon, I have 2 so far, need 2 more....



http://www.9c1.com/technical/255-60-15.jpg These are P255 60 15's, they would look very cool under a 85 FW!

As for tire sizes, as ben said, the stock size is 215 75 15's, these are effectevly the same circumference as the P225 70 15's, which, according to this: http://www.9c1.com/technical/15x8tiresizes.htm, is a great time to go to P255 60 15's! I know when I get new rubber for my winter rims, I am going with the 255's for sure. Wider will really make a difference in cornering and straight line traction (which I have a problem with!)

06-11-05, 03:02 PM
N0DIH, where did you find all this??? I seriously need the same question answered on the car I love. She's a 1988 Fleetwood Brougham too... hearse... RWD... Thanks in advance!

06-11-05, 03:23 PM
I have bad habits of reading up on cars I like or cars that are related to cars I like.

Well, us D body owners have a following, the Impala SS is a B Body, and lots has been found and done.


And, the factory high performance version, the 9C1, aka, the cop car, is also a great car with lots of cool factory parts!


Look through these, read up in the Impala Forums, and then document what works and what doesn't. I am working on a Cadillac FAQ, so much will be documented there as a resource for Cadillac fans.

06-11-05, 08:14 PM
The same specs apply to the 88 as well as the 85. They're the same cars structurally speaking. I had 17x8.5's on my 85... Here's a pic..



Barry Clark
06-11-05, 08:20 PM
hey guy i have an 85 Fleetwood Brougham Cadillac,with rims stock, i want to buy new rims for it , dose any one know what rim size they are, if they are rwd, or fwr, and what kind of lugs they need?What have you got on there now? Steel rims or the optional spoke? I might be interested if you have the spokes.

Let me know.

06-12-05, 12:30 AM
Some additional reading: http://impala.homeip.net/impala/faq/impala_faq.html#wheels_snow