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10-30-03, 07:20 AM
I would really like to install one in my Sedan Deville. Putting it in would be easy but I'm having trouble locating one that would look good on the car. Any ideas?

10-30-03, 07:38 PM
I think you should take it to a place that installs sunroofs to see what they say...... A place like ziebart.....

Night Wolf
10-30-03, 09:09 PM
I thought about that too.....you don't want an after market on, because 1) they lift over the roof, not "in" it and 2) they are considerably smaller....Cadillac has the "Asrtoroof"- huge ass moon roof. I would know, my mothers '89 Brougham has one.

What I would do is go to a junk yard, find a wrecked car with a good Astroof, take it and bring it to a professional installer......

I almost did it, there was a late 80's Eldo at the junkyard and it had a gc Astoroof

10-30-03, 09:14 PM
The sunroofs that go over the roof are better..... They dont leak when the seals go bad...... I have one that goes in and it leaks whenever its sitting in a really hard rain.......

Needless to say, our GTP has one, and its fine......

11-01-03, 11:27 PM
SUNROOFS....I HATE THEM ! But the BOSS wanted one !
My 90 had a aftermarket one made by ASC corp.
The Caddy dealer assured me that is was as good as
factory.....Yea Right! THEY had it installed too !
Leaked all over the place and wind noise that drove ya
crazy! Many trips to the dealer over leakage and got
the BS...Well its NOT a GM FACTORY option.
YOU have to take it up the street to the installer BS.
Well besides that it was a great car.
In 96 I got another Deville and swore NO more
In 02 I got another Deville with factory sunroof. No
leaks and fine!
Now have a 03 Deville with factory sunroof. No
leaks either.......................geo

11-02-03, 12:03 AM
We had the factory moonroof in a Maxima we had. There were never any water leaks but you could notice wind noise sometimes with it especially when the shade was open. There was a seal across the front that might have had something to do with that. I guess the way it was made it would pull it off overtime as it was opened and closed. We had it replaced a couple times and even tried using a glue gun to put it on but nothing ever worked. The last time it came off we never bothered getting it replaced or putting it back on. There was no point when it kept falling off again.

I hate all aftermarket ones. The ones that open up over the roof look like a cheap add on. You can get ones that slide under the roof like the factory ones do, but the ones I've seen they never seemed to be able to do the headliner right. They seem to just leave them hanging down between the back of the roof and the back window of the car. A buddy had one put in his Cadillac and I keep saying he wrecked the car by doing that. They made a nice bulge for him at the front where the switch goes, but they didn't use backing over the whole thing so when the lights are on you can see it through the material! They also put the switch on the bottom of the garage door opener unit and glued the door shut! Good thing he doesn't have the opener.

Night Wolf
11-02-03, 09:36 AM
my mothers '89 Brougham has the factory AstroRoof, never ever once leaked at all, and there is no wind nosie...my faters '99 GTP has the factory one also, but that goes over the roof, one time it leaked real bad, but he cleaned the rubber gasket thing and it fixed the problem. The roof on the Caddy is far bigger, and just the fact that it goes inside the roof is alot better..... it I were ever gonna get one installed on my car, I owuld go to the junkyard or something and get a factory one.