: subs are in

06-10-05, 11:32 AM
I wanted to put in my pioneer cd player but I found out you need a interface for onstar and a amp bypass even with the premium sound system so what I did was just put a line out converter in the rear ,I eliminated the cheap sub and used those wires for the line out converter.It works great I get good sound from my subs ,actually it sound a lot better than I thought it would.not bad comparing over $180+ w/ all the interfaces to the $25.00 i spent on the loc plus if anyone looks at the car it looks like it got a factory system and they wont even think about stealing it . big problem over here.

06-12-05, 12:31 PM
That's what I did...see ^ It works so well, I had to turn the gain almost to it's lowest setting because the bass was overpowering the other frequencies.

06-14-05, 10:26 PM
thats a cool set up . what are u running ? sub size? amp power? what i did is just used a sealed box w/ 2 12's & 1200 sony amp .the only thing though it does over power the other frequencies like you said