: stereo or amp problem?

06-09-05, 10:57 PM
hey all,

so my stereo does this weird thing. while listening to the radio, at lower levels (so you could talk over it) the sound sometimes 'moves' around the car, like the balance is off. i actually believe that the speakers are quitting sound production, or sharply dropping off. when i turn the radio up, all is good. they all work fine, but on rare occasion at moderate volume, they seem to do the same. this is always while listening to the radio. while playing a cd in the dash unit (i have the center mounted six pack as well - don't use it though), though, i can't say as i have ever noticed that problem at those same volumes. so is it my head unit, amp or speakers? i can't really tell, and presently don't have any way of coming up with a test.