: Newbie needs help modifying 65 Deville!!!

06-09-05, 10:49 AM
Anyone who can help me get going - I would appreciate it... I just bought a 65 Deville and I want to hotrod it a bit... especially interested in finding out if anyone knows 20" rims that will fit under the rear tire skirts... also any suggestions on lowering a couple inches...

Please help if you can...


06-09-05, 07:25 PM
Those two things you mentioned are not really "hot-rodding" it.
I think you would be better off having a dual exhaust installed- that will add about 20-30 horsepower.

20 Feet_Strong
06-12-05, 09:01 PM
There is a deville on sale for ebay that is riding Limited 314's. They are a 20 x 8.5 with a +15 offset. I emailed the guy and he says they fit fine w/ no rubbing.

Also, I have read that you need a 5" back space for an 8" rim. The majority of people I have seen w/ 20's have an 8" wide rim. The bolt pattern is 5x5 (5x127) just in case you didnt already know.

I have also read that the rear end is offset with one side being 0 and he other side being 10. I dont know how tru that is.

I hope this gives you a starting ground. If I find anymore info I'll post it.


D-Rail 65
06-12-05, 09:21 PM
I am new to this scene as well. I have a '65 Deville 2" off of the ground riding 20's with no problems. I can cut my wheel all of the way both ways with no rubbing at all. I have the skirts as well if and have no problems. The only pain is taking the skirts off to clean the entire rim but I am sure that you know all about that now. :)

I will see if I can post some pics soon.

20 Feet_Strong
06-12-05, 10:25 PM
Can you give us some info of your wheels?

D-Rail 65
06-14-05, 02:27 AM
I am not sure about the offset but I will include a link to a pic of the ones I have. When I bought the car the rims came with it so I somewhat lucked out(thanks Ed). The rim size is 20"x8.5" Like I said before I have no clearance issues and they ride suprisingly well given the sidewall size, size of the rim and age of the car. I am currently looking into airbag setups as well so if anyone has any experience or suggestions please post up.


D-Rail 65
06-14-05, 02:39 AM
Also a link to one of the parts sites I am currently using. They will send you a free catalog upon request. They have a good selection parts of which many are hard to find. Anyway, here you go:


06-14-05, 03:59 AM
According to my sources, I can use my chrome rims on my 1993 Ford Ranger on the Caddy hearse. 15x8s with 235/60s on em... Try looking around and experimenting...

20 Feet_Strong
06-14-05, 08:09 AM
So it seems that as long as you have a rim with an offset of 18 or lower you should be fine. As far as lowering I have only seen a few options. Cutting coils, heating the coils, or bags / hydro's

06-14-05, 08:27 AM
And bags/hydros are the only way to go. Heating and cutting coils is never a good plan really.

06-14-05, 02:58 PM
Could go custom springs. www.eatonsprings.com

D-Rail 65
06-15-05, 12:46 AM
My coils are cut and while I have no problems I would not recommend it if you have another choice. I am curious to know what the price of custom springs would be so I emailed them a few questions. I also asked about ride height, warranty and shock setup as well. I will post up the response when I hear back from them.

D-Rail 65
06-16-05, 03:34 AM
I received a response from Eaton Springs today so here is the skinny:

They make both stock and custom springs for the DeVille. Stock is obviously stock ride height while the custom lowers in 1/2 inch increments up to a 2" drop. Stock price is $145 for the front and $145 for the rear, custom price is $165 for the front and $165 for the rear. The prices do not include delivery and both come with a one year warranty. According to Kim, Eaton Springs representative, stock shocks will work with both setups.