: Idle Problem

DopeStar 156
06-08-05, 11:36 PM
I just got my car back from the shop after having my broken fuel line fixed. The car is idling very low and stalls in any drive gear. The car still drives if I can manage to get it to move without stalling and rides fine but the same happens if I bring the car to a stop. Any suggestions on this?

06-09-05, 02:42 AM
Take it back and tell them they screwed something up and they better fix it for free. They could've bent the line or something.

DopeStar 156
06-09-05, 12:56 PM
Actually it's a misfiring cylinder. One of the cylinders isn't firing for some reason. Besides plugs and wires, why might a cylinder misfire?

06-09-05, 04:46 PM
Maybe they screwed something up with your carberator. Bring it back and get the garage to deal with it.

DopeStar 156
06-09-05, 11:11 PM
I would but I can't prove that they did anything. My dad and I plan to replace the plugs and wires. If nothing, then the distributor cap would be next. I hope this works.... :(

06-10-05, 12:13 AM
Maybe they broke something or pinched something, I would take it back and have go over it very carfully.

If they give you a hard time don't screw with them, go to the BBB and lodge a formal complaint. Once they realize they are going to getting bad press over it, they may considering changing their tune. A good shop will take responsibility for it. But with so many people trying to play CYA, it just isn't worth it screwing with them, slam em....

06-10-05, 03:26 AM
How did you diagnose that it's a misfiring cyl?

DopeStar 156
06-10-05, 08:42 AM
How did you diagnose that it's a misfiring cyl?
Well, I called the shop and talked to the guy who worked on my car. I told him what the car was doing and he said that while he was test driving it he noticed that it was misfiring. For some reason they failed to tell me about that when I was to pick the car up. Since they're so backed up for the next two weeks with appointments, I see it beneficial to myself to try to deal with this on my own. It does make sence though, the car's idle is low, it stalls, and it shimmies when it drives and when it's stopped. It feels like a misfire to me.

DopeStar 156
06-11-05, 04:11 PM
Fixed!!! Cracked/disconnected vacuum line. Still doin' the plugs and wires though and replacing that busted vac line. Hooray!