: 2007 Buick GNX?

06-08-05, 08:42 PM
have any of you guys seen this? i saw it on another forum and figured id ask (btw i dont belong to this forum, i was looking up something for a guy who actually has an 87 GNX and found this). rumor is it is fake but a damn good one if you ask me. that would be kinda cool if it is real. here is the link


06-08-05, 09:08 PM
I wouldn't be surprised if it was real.

06-08-05, 09:39 PM
That was posted in the CTS-V forum and they found out it was fake. Too bad because it would re-vitalize the Buick division.

06-08-05, 10:34 PM
Hell...I'd buy it if they made it...it looks good, and if they could pull those kinds of numbers from the 6, I'd be happy.

06-08-05, 11:30 PM
A GTO clone. A copycat of a car that isn't exactly selling well (though much better than a year ago).

06-09-05, 12:24 AM
it should have a 3.6 Turbo....anything less would be unacceptable...

Im buyin a 87' as my next car...whether i keep the caddy or not I do not know, but if money is avail...id buy the next one as my everyday car.

06-09-05, 02:52 AM
According to the fake article it would indeed have a turbo 3.6. With an extra turbo just for fun. But alas it's a fake. Maybe when the replacement GTO comes out on something other than the Holden platform.

06-09-05, 09:36 AM
Yea it would pretty much suck to put a V8 into it....if GM did that, well, it would be worse then the current GTO etc...it would make me sad

06-09-05, 10:11 AM
GM doesn't need a 'performance' coupe to revitalize Buick. And it certainly doesn't need two identical perfomance coupes sharing the same showroom!

Overlapping vehicles is one reason why GM is in such sad shape right now.

If GM actually finds there is huge demand for a Buick performance car (which I doubt), then they should make a 4 door sedan with AWD and a turbo V6.

BUT, if they decide that there really is a huge market for overlapping GM performance coupes, then they should at least start with a Chevelle! Chevy outsells Buick, 10 to 1. Always has, always will. And it doesn't share it's showroom with Pontiac.