: Volkswagen Phaeton coming this year...

02-17-03, 07:45 AM
So. What does everyone think about this? Is Cadillac going to "up" its game or what? This car is damn fast and classy...



02-17-03, 10:46 AM
its a VW.... all the lights will be dead in a few days after its released

02-17-03, 11:42 AM
It's a Volkswagon!.....NOT INTERESTED!

02-17-03, 08:37 PM
Everyone is benchmarking VW interiors right now. So while I wouldn't consider a Phaeton, VW is helping to push the interior quality envelope for all of us to enjoy on any of our future car's.

Dead Sled
02-17-03, 09:06 PM
may be a nice car but I can't seem to get past the VW part

02-18-03, 11:53 AM
Yeah, VW has been making nice interiors.. I've always heard about Audi having the best interiors - and Audi is made by Volkswagen.. My girlfriends '00 Passat has a pretty nice interior.. They're really not bad cars. I'm surprised...

02-18-03, 01:10 PM
I should have been a little more specific.

It's the materials that are being bench marked. VW has mastered making cheap plastic look good. While many others still look cheap.