: O2 sensor Question - bboby?

06-07-05, 02:18 PM
My Car is a 95 Sedan Deville 100K, 4.9L

Had tune up, and all EGR tubes cleaned per your instructions, the car has power, no lack of power. also checked the FPR for leaks(none)

My car posted code P013, then became history, then code P014 or P044 (both related to O2 lean signal) and then became history again, my current car condition is some very light hesitation, and 14.00 MPG average. before than, the T plastic piece than joins the radiator hoses broke and all the liquid came out, do you think that might triggered the code at the rear O2 sensor?

Am I supposed to change the O2 sensors even though the code are not current?
Will putting in new O2 sensors improve the gas millage?

06-10-05, 10:35 PM
on my 97 deville i had a very similar situation. I changed the o2's and just about everything i could ------ it turned out to be the fuel pump. That fixed everything. See my posts under my name.