: 94 Sts A/c Problems Need Help

06-06-05, 11:06 PM
Hi to all, I am new here and looking for some help as many of you

Bought my car 8 months a go, becaused I always liked this car, but didn't know how expensive and difficult this cars are, and now my problem is the following:
The A/C was "working" well then noticed was not cool enough take it to the shop, put some gas was needed and that was it for a month, again failing to cool, took it again and they tell me, it is the compressor, get a rebuilt compressor and replace it, and now the problem is that simply does not work. after the installation if you turned it on the compressor beggins to work for some moments as when need gas or clutch is failing, again throw the gas of the compressor, make vaccum, recharged gas and does not work at all. works only for moments. They told me that have replace some fuses and relays. Same problem, but now the people say that tracking current from the panels to the relays there is current, but the current don't reach the compressor to start working, but if they put the compressor to work with direct current is works fine but they say that this can burn something on the computer. They also tell me that may need to replace the a/c fan because it is not working properly and this may cause the failure to the current reaches the compressor because of some missing signal (I think they are guessing) and so etc etc

can somebody help me with this please

Luis yocayo@hotmail.com

06-08-05, 02:10 PM
You have mail.