View Full Version : Question About 97 Catera Factory Radio?

06-06-05, 07:44 PM
Man I Hope Someone Can Help Me With This.i Just Bought A 97 Catera And It Has A Bose Tape Player Head Unit.i Just Paid 100 For A 97-99 Factory Unit On E-bay,and I Just Realized It Was Not A Bose Unit,but It Is For A 97 Catera Looks The Same Just Dont Say Bose.will This Still Work In My Car????

terrible one
06-07-05, 07:04 PM
Work? Yeah, it will work. However, if it isn't a Bose, and a cheaper generic version, then you may loose the quality you had with the Bose unit.

Might as well just hook it up and try it out. If you are satisfied, then there you go. If not, take it up with the seller. If the seller won't give you a refund, etc. then just sell it yourself.