: Anyone Interested in this 1968 Beauty!!!

06-06-05, 02:23 PM
Been in the Family since 1970:yup:


06-06-05, 02:32 PM

06-06-05, 03:05 PM
Very nice! Not too fond of the color, but it looks like it's in great shape!

06-06-05, 04:09 PM
Very nice!!! Where are you and how much do you want for it?

06-06-05, 04:29 PM
Very nice, but I really don't need (or have room for) any more Cadillacs.

A real nice interior on that '68, though.

06-06-05, 05:19 PM
Ok.... price and anything wrong with it? Anything I need to have slated to fix/repair/replace first?

06-15-05, 07:49 PM
Hi: Here's the Listing as it appeared in eBay. I'm looking for $3900 --- you pay delivery.
1968 Cadillac Coupe deVille
"Extremely Excellent Running Condition"

Very Low Mileage ---
Odometer Photo is Authentic, Unaltered 36,528 miles ---

There may be another 20+ miles on it since the photo for test drives and maintenance.

This car is currently in Shelton Connecticut at KCK Automotive
--- a Specialist in Vintage Cadillacs ---
You should feel free to Contact Kevin Kahn 203-922-8168...
and consider that anything he tells you is part of the details of this auction.

He provided the quote about it's running condition...

This car was owned by my father-in-law since 1970 when he bought it from a friend who was the original owner. It was garaged for all its life (and up until this year had not been driven or started since 1996), never in an accident --- all the paint, trim, interior, (maybe even the tires) are original. BTW the tires are road worthy for short distances; I wouldn't risk cross country.

We want you to be perfectly satisfied with the purchase of this wonderful car!!!

Please note that any and all questions from prospective buyers, including
any understandings of condition that Kevin may suggest will be included in
this listing so that all bidders have an equal opportunity to know
everything possible about this car!

KCK has flushed and cleaned the gas tank, checked out the carburetor as working perfectly, replaced the air pump and water pump.

The Air Conditioner runs cool (not necessarily cold --- but the weather has not been hot enough since we last spoke with Kevin for him to have done a full load test) and may need to be primed or converted to take modern-day coolants (please feel free to ask Kevin's opinion).

The overall finish of the car is very good --- you can see from many of the photos how well it has shined up with only soap and water (there's no wax on this car!) --- and look at the reflections of the chrome. But there are some notable exceptions. There is a trim piece that recently (last two years) came undo and is bent on the passenger side. There is a dent on the front passenger-side fender, and a 'matching' smaller one on the driver's side. There is rust-through at the skirts behind the front wheels, and there are areas of the surface of the car that are 'peppered' with small rust spots (you can see an example of that condition and the overall condition of the finish in the photo detail above the Cadillac Logo).

Look at the Excellent Condition of the Interior --- in need of a thorough Detailing Only!

You may visit the car if you're close enough to Connecticut. And it is your responsibility to arrange for shipping from Shelton Connecticut to your location. We are 100 miles away on Staten Island --- so we can't be much help with additional photos (although we're planning a trip up this week) and not much help with questions (particularly of a technical automotive nature).

And by the way, I've decided to no longer accept PayPal --- after more than 300 transactions, I have concluded it's simply not worth the fees. You will be provided with a clear title upon payment --- immediately for cash and recognizable Money Orders, within a week for Personal Checks and less known Money Orders.

06-15-05, 08:46 PM
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