View Full Version : alarm/horn and lights...directions on how to disconnect

06-06-05, 04:46 AM
Hey all. I just bought a 93 DeVille on the june 2nd. I noticed the dash digitals were a little screwed up but figured i can live with that. But when I got it home at about 11pm, the alarm went off when I tried to open the locked door later.. I unlocked it with the key ( I dont have the remote ) and opened the door.. turned the key and started it..still going off loud at 11:30pm. Didnt really know what to do. It stops by itself after about a minute. I went to bed. Not until today June 5. Got home from work at 11pm. turned off car..opened door..about 15 seconds later Loud horn and flashing lights. I popped the hood and unplugged the horns. lights still flashing. I started pulling fuses and nothing. Well it stops by itself after about a minute.. I got to open the trunk with the key and it goes off again. Stops at about a minute. When it was going off, I heard clicking coming from the fuse panel area under the steering column. I flet the clicks thumping coming from a white relay looking unit just above the fuse panel. I unplugged the harness from it and DECIDED i'LL GO OUT THERE IN THE MORNING. I have been looking at these archives since. and I still cant find the answer..( HOW TO DISCONNECT THE F@#$ THING) I registered so I can post my own Question. SO far what I have read on other postings were guesses.. If there is anyone out there who knows for sure, Please help us all with this worsome worsome worsome problem...Thanks y'all!

06-14-05, 01:52 AM
Hey check it out....the day after I posted this, I I removed this relay and so far the alarm has not gone off unexpectantly, That night I disconnected the horn as to not wake the neighborhood, the lights were still flashing and I heard this clicking noise coming from under the dash by the pedals. I felt this thump on this relay. It's just above the Fuse panel and is white. Disconnect the horness from it and you should have no more problem with the alarm going off for no reason.