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06-06-05, 04:34 AM
i got a pair of kicker solo baric 12 and and i wanna put another box in my trunk that it identical to the box i have now which is 2.5 cubic feet per chamber...what i would like to know the process of taking out my back seats i know how to take the bottom part but not the back part

06-06-05, 04:55 PM
Since you did not list what year and model of car you have, I will tell you how to do a '98-'04 Seville. After removing the lower seat cushion, remove the two large anchor bolts. These are 18mm. Then with a flat tool, I used a wide putty knife, you need to release the four clips that go from the seat back, to the cars rigid structure. These clips are located as follows. There is one behind each headrest pad. Lift the pad up, slide the tool between the cushion and the back shelf, once you feel the clip (it is about 2-3" wide) press straight down, while you pull the cushion towards the front of the car. That will release the two outer clips. The two inner clips, are located right at the rise of the center pad. Again, slide the tool between the seat back and the back shelf. Feel the clip, press down, while pulling outward. It is actually fairtly easy.