: '93-96 front bumper rub strips and other trim, etc.

06-05-05, 04:52 PM
Anyone know how the gray strips that wrap around each corner of the front bumper go on and come off? One on mine is fine, but the other looks like the last owner "parked by feel" one too many times and has scratches and gouges all over. I've seen new ones on Ebay for sale, and just wondered how hard of a thing they are to replace?

Similarly, anyone else have loose chrome panels on the sides of the front end, right between the wheels and the front bumper? The one on the side where the bumper trim is all whacked up is fine and tight, but weirdly, the other one is loose on the front edge and feels and looks like it's missing a clip. Any ideas?

Also, any thoughts on what to do with the charcoal strips along the bottom edge of each window? The ones on my car were perfect when we got it, but lately are starting to look oxidized and/or ready to start peeling after two years of sitting outside. We were thinking of fixing them with fresh charcoal paint, but I thought I'd see what others were doing here if they also had the problem?

Can you tell it's finally summer... :rolleyes: ...the list of stuff that's bugging me or needs fixed is finally getting attended to. Next up is a brand new set of whitewalls all around... :)

06-05-05, 04:59 PM
The front rub strips are held on buy a few bolts, the trim between the bumper and the front wheel is held in place by a nut on the backside, a spring on the front lower part, and 2 bolts in the wheel well, and as far as the trim thats faded I have seen people paint them, or replace them , which is not fun.

06-05-05, 05:03 PM
Thanks, that gives a little more insight.

As far as the window trim, we couldn't believe how badly peeled and ratty it looked on the first two '93s we were looking at, and were then happy that they all looked pristine on the one we bought. I can see how replacing them would just be a disaster... :bonkers: ...so I think some fresh paint and careful application might be the way to go.

06-05-05, 08:44 PM
Actually, some of those rubberized parts can be recovered by taking a cloth, putting some rubbing alcohol on it, and wiping over the areas with some force. Then use a protectant, like armorall, or I've found Black Magic tire gell to work great on the plastics, just preferably not ones you touch a lot, kinda greasy feel.