: 1996 FWB Rear Air Shock Problem

06-05-05, 02:19 AM
Hi everyone, long time no post I know but it's been busy around here...
Anyway, down to the dirt. I just had the rear air shocks replaced with Monroe shocks and they had to install a brass T-fitting that I had to buy extra. Well here's what happened. I pick it up from the garage, it's at normal height then no more than 5 minutes into the drive the car begins to bounce like a Honda Civic. The rear end was way up in the air and the car felt like it was riding on rocks. Then later that day on the way to work, it was jacked up for half the trip then it felt like it went down to regular height. To my dismay, When I got out of the vehicle to go into work I shut the door and I heard the compressor kick in and a hissing sound around the rear drivers side wheel. I had to pull the fuse to get the compressor to stop. The next day I noticed that one shock was leaking. (the same side) What would have caused this to happen? Did they explode under so much pressure? I know I need to get new shocks again, but I don't want them to air up so high. Shouldn't they have gone to a normal height and maintained that? Thanks for any help!