: 94 Concours Need Help Big Time

06-03-05, 07:54 PM
I took my 94 concours to the dealer because the belt was sqeaking. Some backgroud first, the 8 month old battery died as a result of what was said to be high engine temps. There was a leak in a coolant resovoir tank for about 1 year, and a coolant hose looked as if it were about to burst. The dealer later informed me that the belt was making noise because the water pump was leaking onto it. They replaced the water pump, an later called to inform me that the radiator needed replacing too. Later they concluded that the resovoir tanks and other stuff needed replacing. Neddless to say, I spent almost 1700.00 to get nowhere.
When I drove the car home, about 40 miles, the low oil pressure light came on. Interestingly, I had just had the oil changed as well. Theyt towed the car in and said that some gasket at the bottom of the car had failed and that I had lost all of the oil in the small drive. I later confirmed that this was Bull Shit, since only a few drops leak out every 5-7 minutes.
But now they have diagnosed the car with a blown head gasket and possible cracked block.
I need some technical help since I am suing these idiots and will be in court on the 17th of July. Tell me anything you can about what may have happened. I would like to have likely causes and not just possiblke causes. Still I would like to hear both.
Thanks Alot
Please help

09-09-05, 06:28 PM
I know this is a old thread, but I'm curious about what happen. I came across this thread because my 96N* started squeaking, squeaks faster if you rev the engine. From what I got from the threads, I should check the belt tensioner and go on from there. I hope this is a DIY'er repairable problem. By the way thanks to Bbob & Ranger for all your help(as well as everyone else.