: Just For Fun......The Real Sound Of Power!

06-03-05, 07:00 PM
After 3 mostly sleepness nites, I got the beast running, sadly, not in time to make the Index Race, but I'll still do some T&T this weekend.

Made a vid of her running:


Crank It Up!!!

06-03-05, 07:05 PM
grinning from ear to ear, man. thanks :thumbsup:

06-03-05, 07:09 PM
:D :thumbsup: :D :thumbsup: :D :thumbsup: :D

Me...I'M GEEKIN!!!!!

06-03-05, 10:44 PM
That's one big ass carburaetor! I can smell the Cam2 through my laptop!

06-04-05, 02:13 AM
I think I just jizzed myself :worship:

06-04-05, 07:41 AM

Very nice my friend... Me likey a lot. :cheers: :coolgleam :2thumbs:
Good luck this weekend in the Test and Tune runs and have a blast..:burn:

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06-04-05, 08:12 AM

Well, lets hope 'ole Mo Nature is in a good mood.

Its the same as last year, just freshened it up , and borrowed a cam off a friend, its much larger than my previous. 688-668 264-268, now its 712-688 276-284.

You can't really see in the vid, but the truck is loping so hard, it looks like it will scootch across the floor!!!!! Way Kool!

I did a couple little launches and it feels way stronger!!!!!

06-04-05, 11:28 AM
yo ctsv i really want one of those kars systems im thinking stage 2 but who would do the work for me. need advice on what to do..

06-04-05, 11:37 AM
I asked in the other thread, what part of Pa do you live in, I'm like 3 hours from Pittsburgh.

06-05-05, 02:11 AM
Allentown Pa, im 4 hrs from pittsburg. Maybe further. I could drive that far.

06-05-05, 09:48 AM
I'll PM you, S.

Well, my maiden outing went fairly well, the first to passes were not in line with last years #s so I checked the throttle cable and found a ton of slack, then had someone check the plates for me and confirmed full travel.

Of course my next pass was 1st round elims, so I was way late, and just ran her out, a 6.84 was the result! My best w/a 100 shot was 6.66. This matches my best N/A time from before, and I still haven't dialed in the timing, or jetting, not to mention it was well over 20 degrees warmer than last fall when we were out.

So I'm happy with that, as I feel 6.60s should be attainable in the warm weather.

Not bad for a budget street car.......I have less than $16,000 in the truck.

06-07-05, 04:44 PM
Allentown Pa, im 4 hrs from pittsburg. Maybe further. I could drive that far.

Bethlehem, PA here - Where'd you buy your V? Just curious.

06-07-05, 08:28 PM
I thought it was going to be a film of a space shuttle lift off. We can beat the shuttle in 0 - 60 times, you know. the shuttle just wins on top end - and it has a lot of power. :)

Awesome video. I love the sound at idle as much as the higher revs.

06-07-05, 11:24 PM
Well, I got the timing set and it was over advanced, so it has lost a touch of the response, but still hits 7 gs with no effort!!!

I'm anxious to get back out and play some more, it def. gets looks!!!

07-18-05, 01:09 AM
Here are a couple of vids from today.

Only got one pass, as we live in the humidity belt. And unpredictable rainbursts are the norm.



07-18-05, 08:27 AM
love the motor...
love the sound...
im definitely sporting wood!!!
but I was disappointed to see a lil baby pick up shell and not
a 60s camaro, chevelle, nova or any muscle car... but thats just me!!!

either way... whats she run?!

07-18-05, 02:15 PM
That run was a 10.77 at 127.12.

We are still working on the combo, I'm hoping for 10.50s, off, maybe a mid to hi 9 on.

As for a muscle car, thats out of the budget, plus the S-10 is more unique.