: 96 Deville Data Interface?

06-03-05, 06:47 PM
I have a 96 deville, w/o the bose stereo, and i went to three different places to try to get a aftermarket head unit installed, the first place told me for my car i'll need "all sorts of crazy stuff" to install it... now this just irritated me, i went to the second place, they told me i needed the gmrc-03 data interface that costs about a hundred bucks which they also didn't even have in stock. SO the 3rd place said that i didn't even need the data link interface.. and when i looked online, everything is telling me the "gmrc-03" is for 97' and up models... i'm so utterly confused, can anyone shed some light? do i really need it? or is it just an aftermarket chime.. nobody seems to have my year and model in their system so i'm just lost. ANY info would help! thanks

06-03-05, 10:04 PM
I hope I can be of some help to you. I am currently in the process of getting everything together to do an Alpine head unit in my '02 Seville. A friend of a friend, got me a GMRC-03. The instructions stated, that it was for non On Star vehicles, without a factory amp. Now, my car has On Star (I really do not care if I retain the On Star), and a factory amp, in my non-Bose system. It also stated that this unit can be used in factory amped cars. BUT, you will have to bypass the amp, and not use the speaker wires, that are on the unit. So in theory, the GMRC-03, is nothing more, than an aftermarket chime. You will have to completely rewire the entire system. I sent mine back, and bought a different module. Hopefully the new one, GMOS-06, will be as good as it states.

Check the other threads in this forum. I cannot recall which one it is, but there are two linsks, to www.lafayetteradio.com. They carry alot of interfaces. Check them out.