View Full Version : Just got my UUC shifter in the mail...

06-03-05, 04:21 PM
anything I should know about the instructions before I have it put on??? :hmm: I thought I read somewhere that something in the instructions was messed up or wrong. Oh well, thanks! :coolgleam

06-03-05, 04:25 PM
Urby doesn't know this, but a good 1-2 shift is <.5 seconds, and a good 2-3 is <.6 seconds....let's see how you do after the UUC install :devil:

06-03-05, 05:03 PM
Joey's Vee, I just put on my UUC the other night. It is really straight forward and rather easy to install with a basic set of tools.

06-03-05, 06:54 PM
you don't have to take the tranny crossmember lose from the tranny, just take it lose from the chasis.
don't use a small screw driver to sseperate the pins from the tranny, use two.
don't take the drive shaft lose from the rear, just the tranny, and tie it up on the side.
the 6 screws in the interror don't have to be removed, only the two in the middle.

this is all i can remember off hand

06-03-05, 10:05 PM
put the Rubber boot back in the car (despite the picture on the last page)