: road trip spec's

06-03-05, 07:55 AM
1994 ETC 41,000 miles

Round trip PA to FLA (early MAY) about 2500 miles

average speed 78 mph

average 25 miles per gallon (ac off, windows only all the way down some of the time)

gas used 93 octane
best running gas chevron w/ techtron (spelling?)

1/2 qt oil used on trip

oil monitor start 91%, end 59%

water temp on freeway 203-207 deg F (did not matter how hot out)
water temp (stop in go) in FLA would rise to 228 deg F and fans would kick on

surge tank wants to run about 3-inches from top

engine has harmonic tune at about 2700-2800 rpm on freeway

battery vables needed tightned up each morning after running car all day, has always did this?

car ran perfect with no codes set

car is all orginal except new tires, one muffler and isc motor
(does not include regular maintenance parts: air and oil filters, battery etc.)
car has never been in snow
have followed suggested maintenance schedule in owner's manual

best running cadillac I had since the 472 engine
(owned about 12 cadillacs)

06-03-05, 10:00 AM
Good to hear. Check those battery cables especially the positive, make sure they arn't installed backwards, and that the bolt is not stripped and is the correct one for the application. Make sure the battery is strapped down, and not loose in the engine compartment. Those cables should not go loose if everything is correct. Sounds like you got yourself a nice n* enjoy