: First Ever Group Purchase Is On

10-28-03, 05:10 PM
Ok Guys here it is
Shox.com has set up our first Group Buy!!!!!
I really wanted the Eibach Anti-sway kit for the cts (its two bars made of aircraft grade steel) and looking around they were in the 300 hundreds.
Shox.com sells them for $279.40
As a special Cadillacforums.com price hes selling them for $239.40 regardless of how many of us sign up for this GB!
So we already have one i hope all you guys with cts's take them up on this offer its really great!

BTW its about 30 bucks shipping also.....but u wont finder a better price!!!!

Ask questions and tell me if you need more info

To order call them at 1-800-683-2890 and speak to Daryl!
Also if there is enough interest we can set up a constant discount on everything they sell so springs and sway bars and shocks can all be included!

the Sandman
10-28-03, 05:42 PM
Good work!


This is only for Eibach Antisway Bars for the CTS - nothing else discounted currently?

Have you posted this in the CTS Forum as well?

Is there a deadline?

Do you have an email address for Daryl in case we want to speak to him about becoming a Supporting Vendor?

10-28-03, 10:04 PM
I can get anything else discounted if you want just post...but in my opinion more fair to do a group buy....i havent posted in cts...dunno if we want duplicate threads......no deadline really, probably the next few months, sooner is better.

Daryl@shox.com is his email...i dont think they spend on becoming a supporting member, but we should support them before they support us i believe!

10-31-03, 12:42 PM
Bump To the Top (ttt)
Come on guys lets get some feedback....eibach is the best name in the game and this price is crazy!

11-04-03, 08:32 PM
I got mine in today and got it installed, takes about two hours....i had some great help though.....The car handles so much better!!! Highly recommended!!!

11-24-03, 11:20 AM
Any idea if he has anything for the 2002 Escalade? I sent this message out to your contact, today:

Email message to Eibach Guy:

I noticed you are working with some of the guys from the CadillacForums.com on Sway bars for the CTS. What about a 2002 AWD Cadillac Escalade. I think Helwig makes some and I know Hotchis makes 2 sets (one for normal height and another 2" lowered Escalades). I am checking around for some Sway Bars, and what size they are. The Escalade handles good already with the Road Sensing Suspension but always room for improvement. The RSS has special computer controlled shocks, so not easy to find better replacement, but the Sway Bars are just regular swaybars. Hell, I would be happy with stock swaybars, and some stiffer bushings (Polyeurothane?).

Suggestions, comments appreciated.

12-04-03, 05:06 PM
My damn cable modem is so slow that I can bearly navigate around the site. If this isn't posted in the CTS forum, let me know. I'll post a redirect link to this thread...