: Galles and Davis Motor Company - Albuquerque, NM

06-03-05, 04:01 AM
I had the chance to check out Galles and Davis Motor Company awhile ago. I took my car to the service department for the fuel rail recall and had about an hour or 2 to check the place out. Even though I'm just some kid who doesn't have the cash to pick up a new Cadillac, people were pretty nice. I was dressed nicely so I guess they figured my parents were rich or I was a dealer or something. Anyway I talked to a few people who were cool and drooled on the 05 STS, DTS, and really all over the XLR, I'm sure they have a person to wipe it off with a rag and some windex afterwards. I took a seat in an XLR to check out the interior and it was really nice. If only I had 90K to drop on a V I'd be all over it. Well I was anyway. My only complaint with the place was that they forgot to tell me when my car was done so after a while I found it outside and was a bit annoyed. But when I got the keys back they apologised.

But none of this really matters because if you're in Albuquerque there isn't another Cadillac dealer within a good 350 miles. I suppose El Paso would have one, or Denver, but this is it for Albuquerque.

06-29-05, 04:37 AM
Ah I forgot there's Navarro Cadillac in Santa Fe, which is only 60 miles away so my last paragraph was partially incorrect.