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06-02-05, 10:03 PM
I have had the misfortune of doing business with Armen Cadillac. My family has bought 5 vehicles from them, and although the sales process was good, their service is one of the worst I and my family has ever encountered. I have had a problem with the truck rolling forward when in reverse and the weather strip molding rusting out. The rust issue they argued was just "debris" because there couldn't be any metal in plastic and rubber. I already had a call into Cadillac Customer Care when they told me to come pick up my EXT. I said no, that I was waiting for Cadillac to get back to me, and they did the next day. I was told to go pick up the truck so I did, and when I get there the service manager comes out and says this morning (After i was supposed to come pick up the truck the day prior) I looked at the truck and found the part that is rusting. We ordered new weather stripping. I was happy to hear that but it takes 1 1/2 hrs to get to my dealership, which meant 6hrs more of just driving because they couldn't/wouldn't do it while I waited. I spoke to Armen, the owner, about this and he told me it was a mistake that it hadn;t been fixed. I said ok, but that shouldn't be my problem. He refused to have the vehicle picked up, fixed, and returned to me. I said that was unacceptable, and he told me I was no longer allowed to bring my vehicle there for warranty or such service, and this was the dealership that sold me the truck, and my family 4 other vehicles. He also said there was no problem with the transmission. I took my truck to Ken Carr Cadillac in Quakertown and before I could return home, they diagnosed that the problem with the transmission was the bands were burnt in the transmission as well as the "shells". This is a warning not to do business with Armen Cadillac. Their service is horrendous, and their customers truly mean nothing to Armen. I informed Armen that I was going to speak to Cadillac about his refusal to do warranty service on ym vehicle, he laughed and said they can't/won't do a thing to me because I am one of their largest dealers...save yourself a headache...go elsewhere...

06-06-05, 04:14 PM
Having know many people who have purchased autos from Armen over 15 years I am surprized by your experience.

06-06-05, 07:30 PM
I went to Ken Carr and one of their techs used to work for Armen. He said he knew of several people who Armen told F off...

06-28-05, 09:40 AM
Your not alone with how Armen works. I purchased my brand new 03 Green Escalade April 25th 2003. When I went in to pick up this truck the detailing was not what I expected for a Cadillac dealer. There was grease on my seats and when I brought this to their attention all they wanted to talk about was if I would give them all 10's on my survey. When I got home I realized that I didn't have my wiring harness for the trailer towing pkg that I had ordered on the truck. Well that took me almost 10 months to get, first I was told it didn't come with the truck then I was told that they would cut me a break and I could buy one. When I showed them that it was included in my PKG they told me that Armen told them to go ahead and he would eat the cost and they would order me the part and call me when it came in......well after 6 weeks I called them and they told me it was there. I road up to pick up this item only to find out that it was a home made part with duct tape. I was fuming by then. I when home and wrote a letter to Cadillac I was done being lied to, I told Cadlillac what had transpired with the truck since I took ownership of it. (1) I had not wiring harness to tow with (2) I had no instruction booklet on how to use my navigation radio (3) no cargo net (4)and the condition of the truck when I received it. Well it did take a bit of time but Cadillac did get back to me and I finally got all my items (10 months later). Low and behold I got a call back from Armen after that telling me he was not aware of the problems that I was having.....That was lie number one. Then he told me that the items that I was asking for were not included in my truck....lie number 2 I showed him the print out and my window sticker along with many other problems I was having. I guess he got a phone call from Cadillac telling him of my complaint so I guess it does matter....I told him I wanted nothing from him other then what was mine in the first place Which Cadillac had already taken care of. He couldn't be nicer and told me when I came back for a new truck he would take care of me......fast forward to June 23,2005 I go in to buy another Cadillac Escalade and I wanted to trade mine in....talk about a run around. My Truck was in fantastic condition not a mark on it inside or out and had 20,000 miles on it. What a joke of a deal I got from them not to mention I heard one of the salesman telling the trade in manager that when it was traded he wanted the truck. I then was told to go to another dealership to see what good of a deal I got....well I did and guess what, I got a better deal at Cowan's in 15 mins. No playing around and no tag team. Armen's called on Monday to see if I wanted to have them start looking for the new truck I informed them that I was buying it else where. Look there is so much to this story I could write a noval, all I can say is I will never buy anything from Armen's again and this is after 4 trucks later. If anyone does their research before going to buy a truck and shops around you will understand what we are saying about this dealership. Large or small it's your money and you should be treated with respect. That is how Cowan's treated us and for that I will now buy from them along with all of my family.....Sami

06-28-05, 01:21 PM
You should really file a complaint with the better business bureau like I did...It will help others

06-28-05, 02:42 PM
Yes I should have done that when all this started but I didn't think of it. I know of other storys of people being taken advange of. Told one thing then when it comes to signing the papers something else just seems to pop up.

I was assured that everything would be taken care of when I was signing papers and to remember to give them all 10's. I also know that they lied to another dealer about the truck they had in stock. They told Cowan when we were looking for a truck (they didn't know about the quicksilver one we were looking at) that they didn't have one in stock when I knew they did because I was sitting in it on Sat night and this was Monday morning. The salesman was quick upset because he has always helped them out. In the mean time Armen is calling me to try to sell me the truck they weren't suppose to have......

Lying to them is nothing if its a means to sell the truck. They'll promise you the moon until the papers are signed.

I've bought 13 brand new trucks in 22 years and I have never come across anyone that has conducted business like this. Brad and Justin at Armen's are just as bad. Justin said he didn't understand why I was upset I got everything I was due....Yea 10 months later.......Live and learn and if more came forward I think Cadillac would rethink their views on Armen.......Sami

06-28-05, 02:46 PM
There is no limitation on being able to file a complaint with the betetr business bureau...