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06-01-05, 08:36 AM
I really don't have much experience with car audio, so you can imagine my surprise when I started shopping around for a new stereo for my '96 Deville. With all these darned options, one could easily get lost in the mix of lights, LED's and button-mania. So I figured I'd ask around here.

I'm looking to replace my stock factory stereo (Not BOSE) with a nice CD (MP3 capable) deck. I don't need anything fancy - actually, I'm looking to stay out of the fancy area altogether. I'd really like to find something rather bland and unnoticable, looks wise, that'll blend in with the rest of the dash. It does need to be a nice, quality stereo.

Yes, I'll be looking for speakers, too, but not until after I find a stereo.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

06-01-05, 08:45 AM
I have been a Pioneer fan for 25 years. Most aren't too glitzy and they have been very reliable for me. I'm not quite sure how the 96 dash looks, my Father's 97 looks different than my 95 Seville. Here is a link to my upgrade a few weeks ago. Good luck on your search.


Southern DubVille
06-01-05, 09:27 PM
Clarion has been my choice for car audio for the past 10 years. I recently installed this unit http://www.cardomain.com/item/CLADB355MP in my mothers suv its on the lower end of the clarion line up but its very easy on the eyes and the price isnt so bad either. I think the MP3 capability makes it a great deal for the money. It's got great functionality and not too fancy. Good Luck.


06-03-05, 04:08 AM
pioneer is a perfect fit for you. easy to use and mp3. the new deh-p3700mp is what my father just got and it is great for him. very simple controls and looks nice and clean. not too odd or flashy. i have the dehp-4600mp, the slighty older model, but i love that better. take a good look at both of those. the 4600 has the blue backlighting which i prefer and the 3700 reverted back to the older pioneer style which a lot of people would rather have because it is a little easier on the eyes. i mostly enjo the blue backlighting because at night it lights up the whole car nicely. in the end pioneer is the best deal for the money. cehck ebay with the numbers i gave and youll save some money on a new one too. the 3700 cost 160 at walmart but its like 120 in ebay

06-03-05, 09:59 PM
Pioneer all the way man. I have been using them for the past 4 years without any issues.

06-04-05, 12:51 AM
sadly i've had 2 issues. first my 1400 was stolen outta my cutlass and i had a 3000 die. the 3000 dying was bound time to happen. had to be from the mid 90's at least

06-04-05, 08:22 AM
Pioneer is my choice every time. Just put a DEH2700 in my 83 CDV, sounds great. The CD players are reliable, the radio reception is excellent, and they have the most versatile EQ options for the money. And even in my old Caddy it looks great!

06-05-05, 02:05 PM
I am an Alpine fan myself. With the Bass engine it can really rock.

06-05-05, 09:39 PM
I just bought an Alpine. I have always wanted one, going back to about 1986. I remember the old models, which used to come stock in Porsches, selling for about $350.00. And that was for the entry model. The unit I bought, was a 2004 model, number CDA-9830, from 6th Ave electronics, was $199.99. MSRP a year ago was about $350.00. Now I just have to get it in the car.


06-06-05, 01:27 PM
Alright, so I went with a Pioneer DEH-P3700MP - $135 on CarDomain.com

The radio came in on Friday, and then the problems began...

First off, they sent the Scosche GM03 wiring harness - they claim it's the right one for the vehicle, but it clearly is not. All of the wires seem to match EXCEPT that the 12V ignition pos. was in the fifth slot on the car, not the second like the harness instructions said. So once I figured that out, I thought everything was okay. WRONG - after shutting the car off for 10 minutes or so, the radio loses all memory, including time and station presets. Now, I'm pretty sure that I've got the 12V constant battery lead in the right place (first slot), so I'm not sure what the problem might be (again, thinking something's not right with the harness).

Then, after getting the thing somewhat audible, I go to pop it in the dash - nope, no dice there either. The radio was too deep, and was being blocked by a small bracket in the back of the dash. Reluctantly, I broke out the dremel and hacked away for a few minutes. Finally, it fit very snug, but very secure.

Back to that wiring harness thing, does anyone know if:

A) The GM03 harness from Scosche is the right one for a 1996 Sedan Deville?
B) If not, what is the number for the correct one?
C) If so, and slight modifications are necessary beyond hunting down the hotwire, what modifications might those be so I don't have to use the darned seek buttons to find my stations all the time? (Damn dashboard is a stretch from my reclined driving position!)

Thanks again for your help.

06-07-05, 06:38 AM
it should be the right harness. triple check that the connstant and the ignition are hooked up right. use a test light to check. do the harness colors all match when conecting the 2? check the conections and the fuses. also be sure you didnt mistakenly hook up to the illumination wire on the gm03 which is not used usually. i never have anyway.

as for the bad fit im hoping you took the white piece of plastic off first. all that does is hold a thingy that goes off if you try to walk out of a store without paying for it. they all have them. take it off and put the screw back in and if there was a grounding strap on the stock deck then it goes there. it fits tight usually but shouldnt need modification

harness may also be gm02 but i doubt it. http://www.poweredmarket.com/page/gm02b.htm
theres a pic i found.

06-08-05, 08:25 PM
Ive got a sony...I liked their wired remote.....plus the way they look.

But I think its not the best quality out there.

06-11-05, 12:52 PM
I just hooked up my 96 Deville with an Eclipse system to the tune of 5 grand:coolgleam and I love it

06-12-05, 12:53 PM

06-14-05, 07:24 PM
I haven't heard one mention for Kenwood. It's very good.
I've had the same HU in my 92 Sedan DeVille since Jan. '98
I love it. However, I may need to replace it so I can get Sirius Satellite. BaBaBooey.
I hate the plug and play units. Sound quality isn't the best and too cluttered looking with the wires and power cable.

06-14-05, 10:36 PM
holy crap that looks like the caddy i used to own before it decided to go through a brick garage sideways:nono:. what i had in that car was a pioneer dehp6500 w 2 12's of course i upgraded the 6x9's sounded sweet . go pioneer all the way

06-15-05, 01:05 AM
Pioneer !!!!!

There is nothing quite like the underrated sound of Pioneer.
I have used them exclusively since 1991 and have never (yep Never) had a problem with them.

The latest unit I have is the Premier 740 http://memimage.cardomain.net/member_images/5/web/389000-389999/389073_6_full.jpg (the picture is from my 1993 Deville, I have since moved it to my 1997)
The great thing about this unit is with the face up there is just a clock display, volume and 6 preset buttons but slide the face down and there is another fill screen behind it with all of the "wow wee" built in.

If you want to see it in the 97 opened and closed let me know.

06-15-05, 01:11 AM
I haven't heard one mention for Kenwood. It's very good.
I've had the same HU in my 92 Sedan DeVille since Jan. '98
I love it. However, I may need to replace it so I can get Sirius Satellite. BaBaBooey.
I hate the plug and play units. Sound quality isn't the best and too cluttered looking with the wires and power cable.

echhhh !!!

Stick with XM and let Howie go out to pasture, do you really want to pay $13 a month to listen to Hoo Hoo Howie for ONLY 4 days a week AND 12 weeks off a year. I used to be a big Stern fan until he turned into what he despised the most........a hypocrate !

Get XM instead and listen to ch 202 for Opie & Anthony and let Howie go out to pasture, I mean come on a 55+ year old guy saying "Hoo Hoo let me see those cans" is just a lil' creepy don't you think

06-15-05, 11:54 AM
If you want to see it in the 97 opened and closed let me know.

I wanna see!