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06-01-05, 08:19 AM
Hello all. I have been a Corvette owner for several years and spend alot of time on the Corvette Forums. I hit the magic 25,000 mile mark on my 01 Coupe and decided it was time for a change.
My wife wanted me to buy a 545i but after test driving it and comparing it to the CTS-V there was no question.
I picked up my 05 Black/Neutral CTS-V a week ago and other than a nail in the right front tire I love the car. Almost as much fun as the Vette and the neighbors don't shake their heads at me when I go by.
I found this forum yesterday and it looks like a great place to hang out.


06-01-05, 09:35 AM
Welcome to the forums.

06-01-05, 03:57 PM
Welcome Bill!

Thanks for joining the forum. Our CTS forums are very active, full of great folks. The knowledge base there is deep! Good luck with your CTS-V, truely a fun sports sedan!

06-02-05, 09:45 PM
Good Luck with the CTS-V. That is a beautiful car you got there. Welcome to the forums and you will find this site very helpful and may evan find some friends that have the same interests as you do.

06-09-05, 06:04 PM
Welcome to the forums Bill!

06-15-05, 10:26 AM
Hello Bill. Welcome from me as well!

06-15-05, 02:20 PM
welcome to the club