: Amatuer Question Here!

Scottie in Alabama
05-31-05, 03:12 PM
How do I replace the a/c drivebelt on my 89 brougham 307? I don't know how to remove and replace. Of course the 89 doesn't have a tensioner, so how do I loosen the a/c to remove and replace.

FYI, it has a separate belt for the smog pump, 4 belt system.

Thanks guys.


P.S. Just learned about the nut in the pulley for the P/S pump.

05-31-05, 07:50 PM
I forget but I think the AC belt is closest to the block. So all the belts will need to come off. The bolts are fairly hidden, but it isn't too hard. There is 3 bolts, all three got through the compressor, look for the nuts on them in back of the compressor. Trace them through the front. You only need to loosen them. Stick a 1/2" breaker bar or ratchet in the square hole for adjusting tension. You may need to use this to get it to move once it is loosened. Put belt on, tension all the belts to deflect the belt 1/2in per 1 foot of belt. Don't over tighten, that will damage the belt and make it flip. Once they start to flip they must be replaced.

Other listers might have better info, I don't have a 307 anymore, so I can't take pictures and show you.

Take a look at Jason's "Flash" engine here: http://jadcock.oldsgmail.com/cutlass/307spec.html. Look for the bolts, they have slots in them, that is how you know you have the right bolt.