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Night Wolf
05-31-05, 12:13 AM
I will try to keep this short... but it has been bugging me a little more the past few days.

Anyway, I am moving to Florida in Aguest, going down Augest 10th or so, and I start tech. school November 11th. It is a 14 month class, so I will be in that area for a little less then 2 years... what I am doing and where I am going after that... I don't know.

So, I wanted to take both the Oldsmobile and the '93 DeVille down, but my parents don't like the idea... plus, more money for car insurance, and they are already helping me out alot with money (rent etc...) so they said I can only take 1 car...... but any car I want... ok.. sounds easy enough.

Well, I first planned on taking the Oldsmobile, great reliable car, just bought 4 brand new, good tires, just got body work and new paint job done, so it looks nice, and most of all, I will not need to worry about it, meaning parking lots, door dings...stuff like that, I wouldn't be as concerned about it. Plus it is alot cheaper to run, I use premium stuff int he '93 (synthetic oil etc..) whereas the Olds get regular stuff. The Oldsmobile is also better on gas, about 22/32mpg vs. 16/25, plus it runs on regular (Caddy requires premium)

All this thrown together, plus the fact that the Olds just got body work and new paint, while the clear coat ont he '93 DeVille is fading (thank you GM) makes it seem to me, that if the Olds just sits in NY for a while, then he new paint job will go to waste, then again, it'll be there when I come back also.

The main problem is, the Oldsmobile is now getting a few things I do not like going on... first, the water pump is shot... again... but that isn't the cars fault, it is the crappy aftermarket waterpump... and easy enough to replace.. I just question the quality of the replacement (has a warrantee) but this only lasted 6 months/3.5k miles... and 3 of those months the car was not used... I don't want to be in FL and have it go again, then have to pay labor for it etc...

The car also needs 4 new struts, but for about $160 total, we do it ourself, that isn't all too bad, everything else is pretty good... except...

the transmission. A coupld days before bringing it to vo-tec (back in Feb.) it was leaking ATF... turned out to be a loose fitting for the trans oil cooler, so I tightened it up and topped it off with fluid... problem solved (never got low either... only about a quart... if that) Now the trans also got a full fluid flush and filter change when I first got it... about 10k miles ago. So anyway, I get it back, and it shifts very bad, maybe from sitting, I don't know... but it would wind 1st gear out, and hesistate to shift into 2nd, then snap into 2nd, then going into 3rd it would chatter real bad.

So today I did change the fluid and filter on the trans again... it did help alot... but it still delays shifting, then snaps into 2nd, and chatters going into 3rd. The fluid looks good, and nothing bad in the pan, it is clean. It has 127,570 miles on it, which isn't all that much, and IMO is too soon for the trans to go.... *IF* the trans really is going, then that is it, I'll use the car for a bit, then park it (not get rid of it though) a local junkyard with alot of these cars has a pick and pull, transmissionfor $52.. but still, gotta remove it.. and a junkyard trans with 100k+ miles? eh... that is alot of labor involved for something you don't even know will work.

So it is going to a transmission place tomorrow to get looked at... but it is making me wonder more now...

Should I take my '93 DeVille?

I personally like the idea... the difference in maintenace and gas and stuff dosn't bother me, let alone a big factor. Plus it is my best car, best looking (even with the paint problem), best condition, best sound system etc.. I will still keep it clean, waxed and detailed on my spare time and do my best to prevent parking lot dings as I have been for the last 2 years.

The front tires on the DeVille are brand new, the back tires were brand new last year, but are pretty worn (only 15k miles too) Either way, I know that for the 2 years or so I will be in FL, the tires will not be an issue with either car. Plus, the Caddy really dosn't need anything done to prepare it, all I would want to do is replace the front struts (about $130 fo rthe pair) since the back struts were recently replaced.

The apartment I will be at is a very nice community, it is even gated property, so security at the apartment is fine. My tech school is right on the airport, and parking looks fine there... if I get a job at Best Buy or something (installing car audio) I would probably have to park in a parking lot... I gotta see...

But a mix of things... myself knowing I will miss the DeVille and the recent run in with some problems with the Oldsmobile make me really rethink my decsion.. I mean, once I am there, thats it... I am there... I *could* drive back up and switch cars, but it wouldn't be very easy for a few reasons...

Here are some things I could think of:


pros: wouldn't have to look after the car as much, cheaper to run and maintain, get my moneys worth on the new tires and paint job, car would blend in with the crowd (good thing IMO) and I would be getting some good use out of it.

cons: not as fancy, no cool sound system or features, *maybe* more prone to needing repair then the DeVille, The transmission issue is bugging me, and while I really like the car... there is just a part missing....

'93 DeVille:

pros: lots, it is "my" car.... I mean, my first car, my baby... no others like it, I love this car. But it looks better, something I cold go to a car show or a club meet with and be proud, very reliable, has my nice sound system that I spent alot of money on, I mean, I can just go on... lots of pros though.

cons: like I said, the paint is starting to go bad.. within the last year it has gotten alot worse, in the next 2 years, I know it'll get even more worse... the car *WILL* be repainted at one time, but not within the next 2 years.... and I would hate to be driving around in an otherwise nice car but the paint is just going to crap, Also the cost for maintenace is slightly higher... $15 vs. $40 for oil change (when I do it myself) $35 to go 380 miles vs. $38 to go 300 miles (gas), There is a much greater chance of something happening to the car... accident, door dings etc.. and it is also 2 more years of service and miles on it... which isn't really a bad thing in itself.

Plus, if I do decide to take the Caddy, I can actually start to fix it up a little.. this whole year I have been only doing the minimal in preventative maintenace, and no extras... but if i do decide to take it, I can add on to the sound system, replace the front bumper (mine is hazy) or tint the windows etc... But I would enjoy the DeVille alot more then the Oldsmobile... for the same reason I do now... and lastly.... I would get to spend a big, very important part of my life with "me car" that can never be replaced :)

Of course there is the '79 DeVille :) I *could* take that, and it would actually be very cool, and fun (hell, probably even more trouble-free then the other 2 cars) but is just not practical at all... in many ways.... so that is kinda out of the question.... still the thought goes thru my head... but then I realize it isn't very practical...

Eh, this actually turned out to be long (surprised?) and I know in itself it should be pretty stright forward... but it is just one of those things I am thinking about non stop, playing out different things in my head.... like I said, I was set on the Olds, and didn't mind it... but it has had a few quirks that I am not very fond of... while the Caddy has been trouble-free.... as it has 99% of the time.....


'79 DeVille - 89,920 miles
'93 DeVille - 103,600 miles
'89 Oldsmobile - 127,570 miles

05-31-05, 12:33 AM
i dunno .

the coupe is your baby but you need to bring something down here that brings you the most comfort ... i remeber being far away from home (home as in florida when i was in alaska) and the day my little sentra got there was one of the happiest in my life ...she was old and hurt but it was good to see her and it did wonders for my soul

door dings and parkinglot mishaps ....bleck ....ive never had a problem , park smart and be done with it ..mines got a few dings ...i think ive gotten 4 since ive had it and thats debateable , only one has come from a parkling lot , 2 came from my tranny guy ...one came from a careless little borther and a trombone case ...

the olds has 127xxx miles and the tranny is acting up ...mine went at exactly 130,000 ..the average lifespan of the 4t6XX units.....the caddy just crested 100,000 so you got 30,000 left on it before you need to anticipate tranny failure....

so the deville things to think about ....Gas Prices , The possiblity of someone running into it on the roads ...

the olds is pretty disposable ....takes regualr gas ....and has the very reliable 3800 ...bu its tranny has its eyes on your wallet just like the rust and waterpump ...shes ready to pounce on you ..

you need to think of what will be good for you and make you the most confortable when your so far away from home ... think of it now before you leave so you can prepare ...

but remeber this , a cadillac sitting in new yourk not being used might get a little dusty and moldy ....a cadillac driven down here ....well the odds are beatter it may end up totoaled ....these things happen

if i had to drive a car from NY to FL and live with it for a year out of the three you have i would bring that coupe ....

05-31-05, 12:35 AM
you shoulda done a vote/poll on this ...

05-31-05, 12:37 AM
If I was you I would take the 93' Deville. There is risk but there is also reward. Think about the girls here.:bouncy: My choice has a lot to do with the reliability of the 93'. And you will also be able to help Stoney repesent old school at the meets we have here.

Night Wolf
05-31-05, 02:41 PM
Well, it turns out the waterpump is not bad.... my father thoguth it was, and it was making similar noises as when the water pump went (but the pully was fine) but it is the harmonic balancer... so that is getting changed today,a nd the trans looked at tomorrow.

I doubt I will run into trans problems within 30k on the DeVille.... for starters, it has a factory external trans cooler, that is good, I have changed the fluid a while back (well, my father did) and I will do it again (unlike with the Olds, the filter was clogged... lots 'o problems) and it shifts so nice, always at the perfect time and everything... I dunno, I just can't picture it going out so soon...

Since I will be keeping the '93 DeVille... forever.... some day in the future I will go to restore the car etc... Atleast now it'll give me that much more daily driving life before it gets retired......

All things to consider.... still pondering... I think alot of it has to do with the trans on the olds and how it turns out...

05-31-05, 04:46 PM
If I was you I would take the 93' Deville. There is risk but there is also reward. Think about the girls here.:bouncy: My choice has a lot to do with the reliability of the 93'.

I agree.

05-31-05, 06:57 PM
I'd take the 93 as well. If you're not going to do a lot of driving the 79 would be cool to have but you're right it's pretty impractical.

05-31-05, 07:26 PM
Take the '93 Deville and cruise around in the caddy. Take the car that gives you the biggest smile when you drive it. From reading your posts over the year that's the '93 Deville. :thumbsup:

05-31-05, 07:27 PM
Take the Deville.

consider selling the olds......its gonna sit around right?

Who knows where life will take you after you finish school.....hopefully not back home to your parents and a very used car.

Night Wolf
06-01-05, 12:07 PM
I was thinking about selling it....

but I just bought 4 brand new tires... that was about $340, and then the new paint job/body wrok (from vo-tec) which was $480.... and once I see whats going on with the transmission, then it would be good... but i would have a hard time gtting $1,000 for it... it just dosn't pay to sell it....

I would much rather give it to someone in my family, but nobody needs a car or anything... so I figured I'll hold onto it, it makes a great daily driver/knock around car....

06-01-05, 12:14 PM
Who knows where life will take you after you finish school.....hopefully not back home to your parents and a very used car.

No truer words have been spoken here ...take it from me ...someone who left for four years and is now back home .....Slowly loosing my sanity ..... :hide:

06-01-05, 12:21 PM
Hell...stick the new tires on the caddy, sell it off for $1200 and rathole the money for possible repairs to the Deville. Since you're in no rush to sell the thing, you can sit on a higher pricetag forever and if it doesn't sell, you've still got it and can kick around in it.

Night Wolf
06-01-05, 06:32 PM
me thinks 14" tires wont fit on 16" rims :)

I dunno, trans shifts better today, we messed around with it, tomorrow it gets a new vaccum modulator... it *should* solve the problem... I gotta see....

as it looks now, I am serisouly considering taking the Caddy with me... the Olds will still be the knock around car, and when my parnets move to FL, I'll take it with me then too, so I'll still have something to mess aorund with...

the biggest thing is the paint.... there are now about half a dozen spots where the paint is going to crap... and it kills me.... oh well, She'll get a whole make over one day.... soon.... in the next few years....

Night Wolf
06-03-05, 01:51 AM
wow.... the Oldsmobile is trying real hard to win my love back (which it is doing)

So like i said, it wasn't the water pump, it was the harmonic balancer, the whole thing was broke in half. Now the enigne runs real smooth (although compared to the V8's it runs a little rough) but dosn't shake around anymore.

The new vaccum modulator was put in today, it was adjustable so the guy did it, he knew what was wrong with it... so between my fluid and filter change, the quart of Lucas stuff my father put in it, and the new modulator, the tranny shifts as good as I have ever seen.... going into 2ng=d it just slides in, and 3rd snaps in nice.... only under WOT is there a *slight* delay.... which I believe is from 16 years and 128k miles.... but nothing to be worried about. So the trans is fixed and working great.

Then the wipers... since i bought the car, they never went down all the way.... wasn't bad int he winter as it was acutally helpful, but they pissed me off... So today I went to the junkyard and got the wiper transmission from a car like mine, and the motor. I installed the transmission on my car and put the wiper arms on.... MUCH BETTER! they still didn't go down all the way, but they were better. So it turns out there was an adjustment for this very thing, so we made them lower.... and my gosh, they are perfect! on delay they are just above the cowl, and when off they go down all the way, and the sweep is the whole windsehild.... man I am soooooo glad...

So I am going to return the wiper motor I got today and get my $13 back, since I have 2 spares already. the motor in the car is from my 1990 Grand Am, since it is the newest/least mileage car a motor was from. I am going to keep the transmission, it was only $7, and the one I bought is in my car, so atleast now I have a spare.

I also picked up a center cap at the junkyard, so now I am only mising 1.... of course I woudln't be missing any is Sears didn't trash 2 of mine by prying between the emblem and the clip thing... thus prying the emblem off.

oh, and the AC was recharged yesterday... it is converted to 134a, but has a slow leak (like gotta top it off every summer) so now it works real nice.

And the power window in the new door works great, so only the passenger window is slow...

The new cup holder is great... the old one was broke and would fall out, and I coudln't put a large drinkl in it, or it would come out... but that is solved.

gosh... this car is really winning me over again... things to do now are adjust the rear drum brakes, since when I changed them, I didn't tighten them, so I have to drive with the parking brake down so it takes up the slack. Then I would like to see if my father can weld in some new metal where it is rotted out under the rear seat (small area) and the rot in the front inner fenders and stuff can live... not that big of a deal.

I am still deciding now... I gotta see how the next couple of months go, if I loose any trust with the '93 DeVille, and how much more the Olds brings back.... as it is now, the Olds is looking really good.... plus, every time I look at the brand new paint job on the Olds, and the fading/peeling paint that is only getting worse on the '93 DeVille.... it makes me want to bring the Olds.

The other night on the Thruway I tested the top speed out on the Olds... didn't have the GPS with me, so I dunno how fast i was going... but it went into 3rd around 80-85, then went past 85, then the needle touches P in the gear shift thing, and then goes down instead of right.... so I got it to go under P again... probably 100 or a little faster (thats what it was last time) and no vibration at all (new tires all balanced) no shimmys or anything, the car feels very good, only thing is wind noise around the driver door, which I think is because it is not sealing properly since the vo-tec kids put it on, because when I go to the car wash, the door leaks a little..... but it is very slightly harder to close then the other doors, so if I move the striker in, it may make it so you have to slam it... I gotta see, and so far it hasn't leaked when it rains, so I am not concered about it... not like I do 100+ in that car anyway...

Overall though, the car is really coming together....

*IF* I did take it to FL, I would probably leav the Pioneer cdp in it (unless I wanted to swap the Alpine in) then I would buy a wiring kit and put my sub in the trunk, and go to Circuit City and buy the 2-way Infinity 3.5" speakers for the dash.... because my dash speakers were bad before, so 1 was $5 from RadioShack (good) but they didn't have anymore, so I got a $10 one form Advance Auto (very bad) and now it hardly even works.... so the Infinitys are only $40, and would really add alot, plus I am an Infinity guy when it comes to car speakers.... then the only thing is to either buy 6x9's for the back, or put the Infinity 6x9's from the Caddy in.... which I really don't want to do because I have them set up nice in the Caddy.... then just set the XM up so it looks good, and I am good to go.

Plus, getting 2 years use out of the Olds will be real nice.... atleast then I will feel as if I got alot of use form the car, and also I will not get tired of the DeVille, in fact I will be wanting it alot, so maybe at that time i buy new chrome that it needs and give it the paint job it really needs..... restart my love for the car :)

Bringing the DeVille to the Caddy meets played a huge factor.... but I gotta see.... the Eighty Eight is doing a great job at being a good car (again) plus, lots of things are new(brakes all around, cooling system, various odds+ends), or there are no problems with... ever (like the 3800) or it simply dosn't have (alot of the electronic gizmos the Caddy has)

Another way to explain it is, I am paranoid with the Caddy, when something isn't perfect, I am mad... like the arm rest is starting to get some cracks... it gets to me...

The Olds OTOH, I just live with all the little problems... the door panel is kinda chewed up (on the plastic) from when I first took it off, but i don't care... there is some white paint spots on the drivers arm rest since i bought the car, I don't care. The front bumper where it is slightly hit just makes it personalized, seperates it from the other 88's out there, fadded seat belts/top of rear seat etc.... none of that bothers me... to put it simply, the Oldsmobile is a car I can use.... as a car... a machine... the Caddy is an investment that I am very paranoid about. Perhaps the one thing on the Olds I am going to fix, becuase i have to, and want to, is the headliner... it is starting to fall more now. So I'll buy the kit for $55 shipped and do it myself...

I'll have to get some good pictures of it, since the only thing I have right now is that movie....

06-03-05, 01:53 AM
nope, take the '93. :cool:

Take some "status" with you. :yup:

06-03-05, 03:16 AM
Yeah the 93. I'd rather pick up a girl or just be seen by people with eyes in my ETC than in, say, the Corsica de la Muerte.

06-03-05, 07:23 PM
I dunno dude....I'd stop putting money into the olds, sell it or donate it and move on.

The 93 is a nice car, but it should be driven, I don't really think its an "investment" to be babied. The cracks in the armrest etc ....just normal wear and tear. Better to use and enjoy rather than park it and let it age....just my 2 cents.

Also, isn't it a safer car?

Unless we're talkin truly rare classics or brand new cars, there's really no sense in getting too protective about it. Just ask your insurance agent.....actual value is probably pretty low anyways.

06-03-05, 09:22 PM
I dunno dude....I'd stop putting money into the olds, sell it or donate it and move on.

The 93 is a nice car, but it should be driven, I don't really think its an "investment" to be babied. The cracks in the armrest etc ....just normal wear and tear. Better to use and enjoy rather than park it and let it age....just my 2 cents.

Also, isn't it a safer car?

Unless we're talkin truly rare classics or brand new cars, there's really no sense in getting too protective about it. Just ask your insurance agent.....actual value is probably pretty low anyways.
i agree ...i just didnt have the balls to brake it to wolf ....

a 93 sixty coupe ? maybe ...yours ....id treat it the same way i treat mine ....drive it and love it ....

in fact.... i think at this time id like to put my full weight behind the call to bring the coupe

Night Wolf
06-03-05, 11:37 PM
lol, no harm done :)

What I mean by investment...

not cash value... since like was mentioned, it is low.

But it is my first car, a pretty rare car, and very nice... it means alot to me symbollically and physically.... I am keeping the car forever... so I don't care about resale and I don't care what the insurance company thinks (unless if it was ever to get totaled out :( ) so anything I personally do to customize or repair the car is an investment...

Still thinking about it.... I would love to take the Caddy, and be seen in it and all that.... depends how much the paint problem gets to me and all that good stuff...

and I really need to go over insurance costs... since that is the biggest factor. The people at the apartment complex said I could keep 2 cars there... more then enough parking.... that alone would solve all the problems... but... 2 cars while living in an apartment going to school full time? not the best thing....

06-04-05, 01:43 AM
nope, take the '93. :cool:

Take some "status" with you. :yup:


06-04-05, 03:41 AM
Take your Deville and enjoy it! It will give you "status" but still remember to be humble lol. If you take the '93 you will have one less big thing in your life to miss while you are gone from home.