: Best Engine Mounts - 1993-1994 or the newer?

12-06-13, 06:52 AM
the 1993-1994 have upper Engine mounts/torque struts
which I suppose are good men when they go South
there is a tremendous strain on the front lower Engine
mounts which brakes, which is Heard as a bang when
passing over bumps/potholes.

Are the newer enginen mounts bulletproof and what
is instead of the Torque Struts?

B T W - I made upper bushings from polyurethane,
which are sturdy and I hope will last my cars lifetime
including the rest of the Engine mounts because of these

12-06-13, 07:11 AM
Northstars had Torque struts up until '00 ('02 for the Eldorado). Nothing took their place.

No, the later front mounts are far from bullet proof. Failure is common. Some members have added their own torque struts (search Rangers Rods).