: 97 STS Cranks but doesn't start - error codes

05-30-05, 10:18 AM
Yesterday, I left home in my 97 STS (147K). Within 2 miles, starting from a red light for a left turn, the car hesitated with a hard jerk. I think I also heard a misfire. It also momentarily stalled just for half a second and then came back right up and then drove fine. I immediately pulled the codes off, P0404 and P1377 came up. P0404 (EGR related) was there before and P1377 was new. After another few miles on the highway, the car had a slight hick up with RPM's going up and then normal. Drove fine. After few miles as I pulled into the Sam's club lot with a left turn, the engine was cut off. It would crank normal but will not start up. :crying: After few tries, pulled off the codes. Now P1599 was also set.

After 3 hours, just before getting it towed, the cranked, started, but lost it in couple of seconds. It's the same since then.

I have searched the forum and referenced the GM manual. There is not much on this forum about this code. Can anyone help? Today is a holiday so I can look into it. It seems as if car is miss timing. Is that possible? Is so, is it a sensor?

GM manual states to disregard this code is there is no driveability complaint. If there is, then the other codes should be resolved.

Initial thoughts :confused:
1. Something wrong with Camshaft position sensor. Can it be reset? or needs replacement?
2. Loose connections at bad wires that connect PCM and ICM.
2. Fuel system related - maybe bad gas. I did fill up the tank from a new gas station day before. And this condition after only 12mi.
3. Need to replace or fix EGR related problem. Does EGR require replacement?

P0404 - Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Open Position Performance
P1377 - IC Cam Pulse To 4X Reference Pulse
P1599 - Engine Stall or Near Stall Detected

Background - 6-8 months ago start of winter, I cleaned the EGR valve. It ran fine for a while and then P0404 was set. It then went away itself and came back on about a month ago. But SES light was cleared. Couple of months before (Aug-Sep), completed car had tune up myself (plugs, wires, TB cleaned, fuel filter, air filter, pcv, etc). In March 2005, completed transmission svc, coolant svc and completed fuel line recall - all by dealer.

Please advise. Looking forward to it. Thanks a million in advance. :)

05-30-05, 02:14 PM
I'd concentrate on the P1377. Loose connection or bad sensor maybe.

06-01-05, 10:18 PM
Thanks guys and apologies. Could not respond earlier. Had to go out of town for business, just got back.

Well after my message, I went with the 1st thought to reset the Camshaft position sensor. Disconnected the battery. Meanwhile, pulled the connectors out and back in. Connected the battery. Car started right up.

The ride doesn't seem as smooth. Maybe it's something to do with the B0533. I will reset it and see if it gets set again. Thanks everyone.