: small tweaks that help or not?

05-30-05, 05:13 AM
Has anyone tried drilling out the cat. conv. on the exhaust system to have better air flow?....and maybe more hp?.......Just wondering If it was worth it on the n* and if it made the car louder.....I did it to my 94 toyota camry and i noticed a slight change. ......also...would putting a cold air intake be a good idea on the n*? has any one done it?..........btw, the cadi is much cooler than the toyota! :woohoo:

05-30-05, 01:38 PM
Drilling out the cat? If you're gonna do that, then wouldn't drilling holes in the pipe or muffler do the same and keep you emission legal? I'm thinking of putting a high flow cat on my dhs, I'm wondering if anyone has experience with those? Since they just check your computer, wouldn't you be fine for emission tests? Ohh and I wouldn't put an intake on a north*. They did that on a northstar performance site and LOST power with the intake. Plus if it's a real cold air intake, it will be poking out of the wheel well, and like my freind with cai on a supra can tell you, all it takes is a good puddle to make you wish you never put it on. All it really does to your car is make it louder. I would recommend a set of good mufflers and a k&n panel filter.

05-30-05, 06:56 PM
I have just put a high flow cat on today. Im very pleased with it. Not throwing any codes or anything if thats what you are worried about....now i just gotta fix my 02 sensors (unrelated problem) get some new plugs and I can think about throwing this bottle on her.....go go gadget nitrous!...

05-31-05, 05:58 PM
Did you feel any performance increase with the new cat? Can you tell me what the model number and brand is? Doesn't the o2 sensor connect right to it? (for 2000)

05-31-05, 10:07 PM
For the price of a K&N, you could buy air filter for the rest of the vehicles life, and still get better performance. K&N filters, and N*'s don't mix to well. All they do is make every so slightly more hp at high RPM, while shifting your torque further up the power band, which is exaclty what these cars don't need. If you want more power, get some better flowing mufflers, and widen the pipes leading to them.

06-04-05, 10:09 PM
I have a K&N panel filter ...why ...why not...:)...my paper filters seem to get dirty so damn fast...no real performance gains or loses have been noticed. Sounds just a tad louder. But dont expect that cool 'swwwwooosh' sound u get from a Cone filter. (which in fact made my car slower at the track when i had one in there...I was sad 2 c it go...sounds so damn nice...anyway) Mufflers/cats are the way 2 go. I just wish someone made headders for this thing. Anyone know any custom shops that could rig something up? ...Oh I fergot the..Check my CAT post if u want to know more about how I have it setup..its pretty much all just a custom hack job, so any magnaflow cat would do the trick im sure.....

06-04-05, 10:27 PM
I did breifly speak with the Owner of Domestic Performance last year, regarding a jig they were working on, that would have been used to fabricate custom exhaust headers for the Northstar. Unfortunately, the demand just wasn't there, so they never followed through with it. I'm sure any reputable performance shop, that deals with custom one off exhaust systems, could easily make somehting for you. The onyl problem is finding a way to widen crossover pipe, while still making it fit between the engine and tranny. That squished section of pipe that leads from the left exhaust header, to the back of the car is the most restrictive part of the system. Once you find your way around that obstacle, the possibilities for a custom one off setup are almost limitless. If someone ever found and efficent way of re-routing that pimpe, so that it would be in the way, but could still be a full tube, a true dual exhasut setup might be possible. In the end it's all about space, or in our case, the lack of it. There simply isn't any real room to work with.