: Running ragged p0300....

STS 310
05-30-05, 03:54 AM
OK plugs and wires are about 7 weeks new. All of the sudden I have a sputtering engine in 1rst gear and pulling in second. high end is no problem,ie: highway and high speeds.

What can it be? coil pack?

Please help fellas.

Getting the P0300 code from DIC. And heard the "pop" today.

05-30-05, 04:40 AM
10 bucks it's a wire that popped out or has been rubbing against something metal under the beauty cover.
Check the wires thouroghly for any white powdery spots on them and make sure the boots engage the pins on the plugs and the coilpack.

05-30-05, 02:10 PM
If that doesn't pan out, try swapping the coils one by one with a known good coils and see if anyone of them eliminates the problem.