View Full Version : Finally started work on the '81...

05-29-05, 07:03 PM
I had the week off, so we finally got down to tearing the car down and getting to work on it. The engine is as stripped down as we can get it without removing it from the car.

Surprisingly, everything except the valve system is in good shape - the combustion chamber walls are smooth as a baby's bottom and the pistons are fine. All the gaskets were fine, and the manifolds (except for intake) are still in great shape, valve lifters were perfect. There was oil sludge covering the entire valvetrain though - it had jammed shut one of the modulated displacement solenoids and built up on the pushrods (completely clogging most of them and almost sticking them to the tube walls). We're gonna repaint the heads and manifolds tomorrow, and probably change the water pump, then we're gonna start putting everything back together (with some new parts, of course).

I'll post pictures a bit later today or tomorrow morning depending on the light. I'm really excited about it so far.

Does anyone know, however, if an intake manifold for a 472 or 500 would work for a 368? The one we pulled off the car is a bit banged up and an Edelbrock for a 472/500 is the closest I've come to finding a replacement.

- Joe

05-29-05, 08:44 PM
500/472 intake should work fine on a 368. Only buy an Edelbrock if you want to save like 20-some pounds and want it to look nicer.

05-30-05, 08:53 AM
Thanks for the info on the intake manifold. I don't know if I'm going to replace it yet or not. I could probably have the original re-machined, but since the computer on the car doesn't work too well I want to get the Edelbrock so I can use a carbeurator. Lots of people have told me not to do that, so that's not the final plan.

Here are the pictures of the engine so far (http://www.cave-of-shadows.com/ccd_pic_engine_rebuild/). I haven't gotten the page up yet, so it's just an index. Sorry they're on another site, but they're really big.

- Joe