: No pressure on hoses

05-28-05, 03:59 PM
would a faulty thermostat cause no pressure in the radiator hose and surge tank?

05-28-05, 04:26 PM
I would suspect a faulty surge tank cap first. That would probably cause overheating as well.

05-28-05, 05:03 PM
Just checked thermostat on the stove it is fine. I pulled the water pump cover off and all seems fine there. I checked the radiator with the water hose and that seems fine. I tried a different cap yesterday and that did nothing as well. I am going to plug the nipples on the surge tank and give it a pressure test.

05-28-05, 05:53 PM
surge tank is fine. I have no clue. does not seem to purge the air after filling the surge tank though.

05-28-05, 08:30 PM
What started you on this quest? How do you know there is no pressure and what made you look? Are you overheating? Is there a leak? What problem are you trying to solve?

05-29-05, 01:36 AM
just put a used enging in and I checked the coolent level and noticed there was no pressure when I release the cap. checked it a few times later and the same. After all I did today I took a test drive and when I checked it it was a little low so I added some coolen tot the tank a a few seconds later It came pouring out of the tank. I refilled but have not driven it or ran it yet.

05-29-05, 11:32 AM
Are you opening the tank with the engine hot or cold? I assume you know that there will be no pressure after it cools down but I have to ask. Also be sure you are leaving about 1 1/2" - 2" of air space in the tank. If you fill it to the top, it has to go somewhere when it heats and expands and will overflow. I don't mean to insult your intelligence with basics, but you just don't know what the person on the other end knows or doesn't know. Hate to have you searching for problems that don't exist.

05-30-05, 11:18 AM
I am checking the tank when the vehicle is hot before I shut it off. I get no pressure from the tank and no pressure seems to be on the upper hose either. I am going to buy a new cap and see if that does it I have two caps that I used on the other engine that had a bad head gasket, maybee they are both bad.

I did not have any problems that led me to this. I was just checking the coolent level a day after I got it back from the shop. When ever I checked it before the new engine there was always pressure when taking the cap off.

05-30-05, 02:18 PM
When ever I checked it before the new engine there was always pressure when taking the cap off.
Yup, as there should be. A bad cap would be the most logical suspect.