: Thank you everyone

05-28-05, 03:09 PM
I bought my first cadillac just over 8 months ago as a toy. It was a 1988 FWB delegance. I payed 100 bucks for it and ended up retiring it about a month ago to a junk yard. In searching for a carb for it I ended up buying a parts car for 50 dollars. that car is a 1986 FWB which I ended up swaping in the motor and tranny and LOTS of other parts from the 88 to put the 86 back together. Since then I have aquired a 77 coupe deville and a 70 eldorado and have really come to love these cars. The 86 is up and running as of last week and I did it entirely without a service manual thanks to you guys. A complete running and halfway decent car for less than 200 dollars. I guess you really cant beat a cadillac. THANK YOU ALL.

P.S. Ill try and post pics of the car as soon as I figure out how

05-29-05, 05:57 PM
This forum is a great one, I have also got a great amount of help and tried to help where applicable. Good thing that your Caddy is running.

05-30-05, 12:43 PM
You would be surprised at how much info the Haynes manual for the Cadillac has. It is truly worth the $16.99 cover price.