: 68 DeVille Cruise Control

05-27-05, 06:49 PM
Hi there, new member since 05-28, own a 68 DeVille Conv., need help for the cruise control. What are the most known problems? The wiring I think is correct, that item inside the engine compartment looks like new (inside), the
cable moves but the CC still doesīt work. Maybe something with the brake paddle?
thanks for help!

05-28-05, 01:45 AM
The little arrow lighting up when you turn it on?

05-28-05, 01:53 PM
when you say the cable moves, you mean the chain attached to the vacuum diaphragm? So I assume you have sucked on the line from the diaphragm and it pulls in fine.

If that is okay, next check out the vacuum switch on the brake pedal. You should see a vacuum line from the cruise assembley going back over the fender and through the firewall. That goes to a little switch that opens up the end of the line to disengage cruise when you hit the brakes. With no foot on the brakes, try sucking on the line. You shouldn't feel like there is any kind of leak in the line at all.

Next, I'd look at the switch on the turn signal stalk. This was the problem with my '70. I'd turn the cruise on and the red light would light up, but no green 'cruise' light when I tried to set it.
After 35 years the switch was touchy. I have to just touch it ever so lightly. If I push it too far in, it doesn't engage. I had been mashing it in, thinking it wasn't making contact when all I had to do was brush it. When I engage the cruise, I probably only depress the switch 1mm, if even that much.

I have been told that there is next to mothing to go wrong with the cruise 'brain' on the fender, that basically if it fails it will sieze and you will know because your speedometer won't work anymore.

06-02-05, 04:19 AM
Thanks for help. I didnīt have the time yet to check this out, but Iīll give a report.