: 93-96 Fleetwood Skirts

05-26-05, 12:31 AM
Ive noticed on a couple of 93-96 Fleetwood lowriders, they were running fenderskirts that matched the rest of the stainless mouldings perfect. Do you know who sells these? I just bought a 96 Fleetwood and this is my first Caddy so I havent found a lot of suppliers yet.
One more question, My driverside rear moulding is pulling away from the body where the rear door opens. What is the best way to keep it flush with the body or are there some type of clips that need replacing? Thanks everyone.

05-26-05, 12:49 AM
The rivets have dissolved from salt on the roads. Just put a anodized screw through where the rivet used to be!

05-26-05, 09:44 AM
If you can get a hold of the phone# to Hydraulic Homies, they make custom skirts for FWB's.

05-26-05, 09:53 AM
Sorry, I put the name in wrong. It's www.homieshydraulics.net (http://www.homieshydraulics.net)