: differences between FWD and RWD

05-25-05, 05:28 PM
hey, i've had a RWD Buick Roadmaster and i have a FWD Deville, i was wondring what the main driving differences are between RWD and FWD in similar cars like say a 1995 Deville Concours and 1995 Fleetwood Brougham. The main things that come to mind are Torque Steer in the FWD,the deville takes better to the corners than the RWD did, "better" burnouts in FWD, but there is more performance capabilities in RWD. What else can you think of?

05-25-05, 11:18 PM
FWD has better snow traction, but RWD is more balanced. When going around a curve, you get that awesome feeling of being centered.

Night Wolf
05-29-05, 12:58 AM
i've had a RWD Buick Roadmaster and I have a FWD Deville, i was wondring what the main driving differences are between RWD and FWD

I think you asnwered your own question...

BTW, I don't see how a 1995 DeVille Concourse and a 1995 FWB are similar.... in fact they are very different... so different in fact that FWD/RWD is only part of it.....

RWD rules all... always have, always will... but for a daily driver, there is really no arguement as it dosn't matter, for the average person ,FWD is better in rain and snow. I have 0 problems with the Oldsmobile and '93 DeVille being FWD.

In fact, both my FWD cars have much better traction then the '79.... it probably has something to do with the rear tires being bald.... but the tires on that thing would always spin....

handling... well, kinda hard to compare the 2, and even harder to use a '79 Sedan DeVille as a base to say how RWD cars handle.... with that being said, I will say I like the handling of the '93 DeVille better... alot better.... I can take turns very fast and very sharp and the car is stable and feels very good.... the Oldsmobile is the same way (perhaps even better at taking the turns) but with 4 worn struts, it does get boaty.... plus I don't really like pushing that car too much...

RWD used to be a big thing to me (wished i had it) then when I got the '79, I realized that, for most uses... it really dosn't matter... if I ever got a sports car or something, yeah it would be RWD... RWD is also really fun for burnouts, power slides and other cool stuff, but atleast when talking the cars that we drive, it really isn't that big of a deal.

The biggest difference is, the '79 has the isolated feel, probably due to the body-on-frame design..... everything is isolated from you... road noise, enigne noise, outside noise, steering input... you can run in the baja 500 and probably never spill your coffee etc... While the '93 DeVille has that "new car" connected-to-the-road feel (to a point) I think due to the uni-body design... sure the ride isn't as good (but far better then my fathers '99 Grand Prix GTP) and it dosn't have the classic floating on a cloud feel, but at 100mph, the car feels stable and I can actually take a turn staying in my lane... something I can't say the '79 does... on the other hand, the '79 DeVille will cruise at 100 and you won't even know it, because you don't see the speedo anymore, if the radio is on normal vlume, you do not hear wind, engine, tires... anything.... and the ride is just so soft... very different cars actually.

05-29-05, 02:03 AM
actually rick, you pointed out a good fault in my question. The Deville Concours and the FWB arent similar at all, but how about say a '78 Eldorado and your '79 Sedan Deville, both are huge, old and Body on Frame designs, the suspension setup is a little different on the two cars but other than that, i would think they would be quite similar, except the eldorado would obviously be better in snow and it might be able to take corners a -little- quicker.

06-08-05, 09:35 AM
RWD is making a comeback. Auto manufacturers recognize that RWD cars handle better and advances in traction control is allowing them to return to building RWD cars.
"A big part of good ride and handling, particularly in terms of turning capability, has to do with mass distribution," said Mark Hogan, GM's group vice president for advanced vehicle development. "We're far more able to get 50-50 mass distribution -- which is ideal from a ride and handling standpoint -- with a rear-drive car versus a front-drive."

Here's one article (http://autonet.ca/autonetstories/stories.cfm?storyID=11557) on the subject

06-22-05, 09:05 PM
FWD does better burn out's? :hmm:

06-27-05, 10:14 PM
Sure, get a N* and lock the eBrake..... Smoke'm baby! I think of it as a factory line lock.....

I have never found a FWD car that I have ever liked cornering in. But with RWD, most I have enjoyed it. Like Jesda said, it is more balanced. Even my 94 FWB, get it in a corner and nail the gas, that is fun baby! But, that is a lot off mass, and the LT1 has enough power you can overcome understeer and go oversteer, so do with caution!!! Can't nail the gas in a FWD in a hard corner ever, you'll bite it for sure!! The FWB needs more bar front and rear.

Take a 2005 Grand Prix Daytona GTP or CompG and a new 2005 GTO and go head to head for handling, on a skidpad, they may be similar, now, take them to real world hard cornering, the GTO will rock and roll and be faster everytime. RWD is always faster coming out of a corner, it can be, FWD can't, as soon as you get on the gas, you start to lose more and more front traction, the more power in the FWD the worse it becomes.

Dodge messed around with this in some 86-87 Daytonas for racing. They set them up to oversteer bad. But on the race track when the RWD cars were slowing to enter the turn, the FWD stayed in, allowing oversteer to come on, then MASH the gas. Then car would then become neutral. Then they would have the entry into the corner first. But that also makes the car somewhat unpredicable in average conditions. Much more dangerous. People tend to think that FWD handles better, but most of the time they have a large front sway bar and a small or no rear bar to keep the cars understeering in corners. Thank Ralph Nader for this. In reality they handle worse under hard driving. Add the same size front bar to a equal weighted and power RWD and see who handles better?

Yes, FWD is more forgiving in inclimet weather, RWD is just plain faster, especially in racing. I'll take RWD anyday. The confidence when driving it is so much better.

06-30-05, 09:53 AM
I have never found a FWD car that I have ever liked cornering in.

My first car in '79 was a '76 VW Rabbit.

It was real fun trying to get that inside rear wheel to raise in the corners! :yup:

If it wasn't such a pos, it'd would've been a cool car to own.

06-30-05, 12:13 PM
GM did a cool project car in the 90's, took a 92 Bonneville and dropped the body on a 92 Caprice frame with the TBI 350. It was a NVH experiement and the Caprice was best of car for that, RWD, and the Bonneville, best for FWD. (FWB/Brougham is probably better, but too long to fit a Bonneville body). The front fenders had to be extended 6 inches between the door and the front tires. Looked stock other than that.