: Part source request (Urgent)

05-25-05, 04:22 PM
Hello, I'm new. So will need alot of help. I live in the Northern Virginia area, (We like to think of Washington, DC as a sub. to us) I do own a 98 DeVille However, I'm trying to post for a friend of mine.
He has a 1965 Sedan DeVill 4/dr. Has the 429 engine.
He can not find the the oil pump cover that is part of the timing gear cover.
Your help please. If this is not the right place to make the posting please advise and I will correct. Zafrus :rolleyes:

05-25-05, 04:50 PM
Have you tried our parts section?


I'm not sure if your part is there or not but it's worth a try...

05-25-05, 05:13 PM
Yes thank you. I have sent an email also. I tried to call left message they will call back (?):(

05-26-05, 08:57 AM
Welcome Zafrus!

Glad you found your part so quickly. Let us know if we can help any further.
Good luck to you and your friend.

05-26-05, 01:30 PM
Welcome to the forums.

05-26-05, 05:50 PM
Mis-understanding... I have not located the part yet. No call backs yet


05-26-05, 07:11 PM
Okay Zafrus, This is what I need to do. I will move this post to the Past Cadillac vehicle discussion, they are a sharp bunch!
I'm having a tough time finding a part number or an illustration of the oil pump cover or even the timing gear cover.
I'll keep digging. Good luck.

05-26-05, 08:59 PM
Thank you very much. I need all the help offered


The Ape Man
05-26-05, 10:59 PM
Be careful to get the right year part. Those were re-designed and are not the same through all years with that displacement.

05-27-05, 08:04 AM
Thank you. Pat (My friend that needs the part) has called several parts houses looking for this thing. No luck. One in CA wanted to sell the whole engine. Pat lives in Maryland, the shipping cost alone would not make this a wise choice.

Would you know of a source? Also can you point me to a diagram or parts list?
Thanks again for your reply.


05-27-05, 12:55 PM
Where do you live? I know where a boneyard is that has (well, had) some old Cad's. Whitewater, WI. So if you are close, you might be able to get something there if that helps any.

Is it something that you can make? The Pontiac oil pumps you can, being I am not famillar with the 429, I can't say.

Is it Zafrus or Zafrus? Are you one of the 9 left?

05-27-05, 05:21 PM
Pat lives in Port Deposit, Maryland. I live in Herndon, VA
(Northern Virginia about 15 miles West of Washington, DC)
I was woundering if other GM products may have this and would be inter-changeable. As I'm not that smart to the ways of "car things" I leave it to Pat.
If we could find a diagram or part number it would help. If you know of bone yards we can call them.

Thank you for the input.

Zafrus :shhh:
(Not the One, Brother Zafrus is the One)

05-28-05, 01:16 PM
Vintage Caddy Parts in VA -> http://www.usapartssupply.com/

05-28-05, 11:12 PM
We will call them