: 2000 dhs plugs

05-25-05, 01:31 AM
I just read some post regarding bosch plugs as a cause of northstar engine problems, and I'm really pi$$ed off. I had the plugs changed 10k (at 70k) ago and I was having engine trouble the second I turned it on with the new plugs. The car now vibrates like never before during idle, I figured it would settle down but it never went away. In addition the car feels sluggish, and sometimes stalls at stoplights. The rpms are erretic sometimes when idling. I'm confident now that the plugs are to blame, because I did an complete fuel system cleaning. To think that these guys suckered me into paying more for these pos plugs! And to top it off, I think they loosened the intake bracket and never tightened it, I had to do it myself. Argh :banghead: I wish I read this sonner.
What should I do about this? Go back to the shop and demand my money back or something? I'm going to put in new acdelco plugs in it, can someone tell me specifically which ones and the plug gap? Does a 2000 dhs need platinum plugs?
By the way, since these plugs are probobly throw outs, should I put that cleaner in the engine (top fuel cleaner or something, I forget the name), the one that makes the car smoke so much? Will it damage any sensors?

05-25-05, 10:46 AM
I wouldn't bother with any top cleaner. Just put in A/C Delco 41-950's. They are dual platinum tipped. Gap them to .050.

You have nothing to loose by going back and complaining. Depending on their warranty you might get a new set of plugs or at least a partial off set.