: maintence

05-24-05, 11:13 PM
i have 109k on my 89 brougham and i was wondering if i should replace my O2 sensor. i never replaced it and it looks pretty old i have done the other routine maintence. i get 15 mpg inthe city. also if my car was pinging would it be obvious,or killing my mpg. i have freshly rebuilt carb with new tps. just a couple questions. thanks guys

05-25-05, 05:45 PM
if ur getting 15 in town I say be happy with it, as long as it runs smooth and doesnt bog down.

05-25-05, 07:39 PM
It is common for a well treated O2 sensor to live the life of the car. Only using things like the wrong RTV or antifreeze or lead contamination will drastically shorten the life of an O2. Also a condition that would make it excessively rich can have adverse affects, but often once corrected and the fuel mixture coming back to "normal", the O2 will start to regain its efficiency again and start to work properly. They need to be upwards 600-650 degrees to operate properly, so a rich condition will often be much cooler, not allowing for O2 to even work effectively at all.

So, in a nutshell, if it isn't broke, and is running fine, leave it alone. GM sensors are excellent quality sensors, leave them in as long as they work. And if they don't work, find out WHY before you stick in another. They rarely fail without being abused.