: Headers and High Flow Cats...

05-24-05, 02:33 PM
Ok guys you know what my mods are (look under my username) :D . I have had the car for 1 month and I have modified it a lot considering the time frame. My next move is...headers, high flow cats, & UUC shifter (I will get it tuned next/after I do these 3 mods). As you can see I have the Corsa exhaust, and have a few questions so feel free to help me out (I think a lot of us have these same questions...

1) Which headers do I need to get with the Corsa exhaust? Link?

2) Is welding required for the headers or high flow cats?

3) Do I really need the high flow cats? If so where? Link?

4) Do I need to get the headers coated? Pros and cons?

5) Is there an advantage to installing the UUC shifter at the same time I'm installing the headers/cats?

Thanks for all your help guys!!! :worship:

05-24-05, 04:12 PM
B&B can probably fabricate an adapter to fit there headers to your corsa exhaust.
Billy Boat should be easy enough to find, do a search.
Yes, you will want the high flow cats, the headers come with them.

No welding required.

Coat or wrap the headers is not needed, but I do recommend one or the other.
I wrapped mine, it can't hurt.
Keeps temperatures under the hood lower, and helps the exhaust get out quicker through the pipes. When driving from stop and go to the highway you will notice the engine cools down more quickly.

05-24-05, 08:18 PM
Ok so is B&B the only headers I can get...and those would have to be custom made, huh? What about stainless works? Thanks for your help!!!

05-24-05, 08:54 PM
Not to thread jack but..........

My credit card was billed $1,250 today. :hmm: Hmmm, wonder what that could be!? Me thinks my Billy Boat Headers are on the way. Woo hoo!

05-24-05, 09:42 PM
Has anyone tried the DTE stage III (stainless works headers, corsa, LPE, + tune)? If so how much was it? Any details would be great!