: exaust for my deville

L sLuGz
05-23-05, 10:33 PM
I have a 81 coupe deville (368) with about 26k, original miles. I want to change my stock exaust with something nice. I want a deep sound to it, so it kinda sounds mean. Anyone have any suggestions as to what i should get? I also want to remove my cat, is this a good idea? Please, any help would be greatly appriciated.

05-25-05, 06:31 AM
Well, about the cat: you could remove it if you don't need it to pass emissions, and you would like to fill the air with HydroCarbons and NOx. It will add some more engine noise, but improve performance.

about the exhaust: I am going to have the best local muffler shop bend up and wled some Stainless 3" single or dual 2.5" pipes. This is a bit pricey, but Aluminized Steel will rust out much quicker and breaks faster.You could get away with it if you know of a great muffler shop, who knows how to weld properly and takes the time to mate the butt ends cleanly, and flares, etc. Mandrel bending is also nice.

about the muffler: Flowmaster. Made in California!

05-25-05, 05:49 PM
dual flowmasters with no cat is the way to go man...and as far as a catalytic converter goes they do a great job until they start plugging up and then its ALOT worse than not having one

05-25-05, 07:04 PM
2 Chamber Flowmasters..... Let all the neighbors know you are home....

L sLuGz
05-25-05, 09:22 PM
can anyone help with what kind of flowmasters? i dunno what will fit, none of that stuff, so if anyone could be a little more specific? thanks for all your input

05-26-05, 04:46 AM
Flowmasters sound nice and are a good choice if all you're looking for is sound. A straight through muffler without the metal baffles and crap that's in a flowmaster is slightly better for performance. Anyway all you really need to do is talk to a local exhaust shop and see what they think is best.