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05-23-05, 09:40 PM
Im starting to have trouble with what seems to be my starter, its been intermittent for the past 6 months.

Usually, once in awhile I will try starting the car, it starts but doesnt turn over, it sounds like im playing a tape back every second, just imagine saying "goodbye!" and repating yourself, "goodbye! Goodbye! Good bye!" but, in this case it sounds like im turning the key to start and removing it before the engine starts, and starting it as quickly as I can and removing the key while its trying to start, some times you cant tell if it started, it sounds like your running on 2 cylinders and then when it fires up your running on 8 cylinders, or if you hold it to start and let it go it fires from 2 cylinders to 8 cylinders? This is only what it sounds like, im trying to describe it.

Today it did something its never done before, I was at my school picking up my diploma, get it and go out to my car. I try to start the car and it makes this grind noise, it doesnt turn over. I try it again, it still doesnt turn over(does even try). Then, the third try I holding the key in start and it fires up! I thought it wasnt going to start! :madtalkin

I know the local autoparts store will test the starter, then you have to pull it out of the vehicle. I was told how ever, all you do is line it up, screw it in, plug in a couple wires, it was an easy job. Im reading the factory service manual, and I'm lost. You know, if your a mechanic and you read this, its easy as hell, but when your not its like your in kindergarten trying to read a book, you cant do it unless you've been tought too.

So, I just dont want my starter to go out in an inconvienent place, what should I do?:bighead:

05-23-05, 11:56 PM
If you suspect it is failing, by all means get it out and fix it. 99% of the problems with starters are easily rebuildable. And for much less cost than getting a rebuilt unit. For me, I would MUCH rather rebuild my starter or alternator and keep mine because I know how it was treated all of its life. As opposed to someone elses junk that is rebuilt by the cheapest shop that can get it to spin and get it back out the door.

No to mention it sucks to not be able to drive up on the ramps to fix vs having to jack it up on jacksatands. IMHO....