: seafoam

05-23-05, 01:27 AM
hey bob, would seafoam be ok to remove carbon from the n* ?:hmm: :band:

09-20-07, 11:28 PM
will it cause one to start leaking oil

09-21-07, 09:53 AM
I used it on a 2005 with 29K miles . Worked for me. No oil leaks..

09-21-07, 11:19 AM
I've used it on many cars, but I never dumped it directly in the crankcase. Read up on it and use it wisely and you will have no problems.

09-21-07, 08:35 PM
I had no problems in using it in my Toyota's tank. I would think for 10 min in the crankcase it would hardly have time to cause a problem. P.S. I'm sure 2 yrs.+ later they are very happy to finally get a response. Mike

09-22-07, 09:51 AM
I used the stuff in a can and sprayed it down the Throttle body till I noticed smoke starting to come out the tail pipes, reved to 2K on the tach, then shut it down for 10 mins. Started it up and blew the cloud of smoke out for about 10 mins. Have not put in the oil . I might put a little bit in the gas every now and then. Lots of vids out on the web of seafoam smoke shows.

09-24-07, 02:34 AM
B12 is better, close to GM's TEC. Seafoam is garbage. Same effects come from water.

09-24-07, 12:43 PM
:nono: Personally, I wouldn't put Seafoam in a model airplane engine, much less a N*. Read the GM TSB's and find out if they recommend/warranty the stuff.

09-24-07, 01:41 PM
I haven't put it in my truck and the people on the bronco forums swear by the stuff. They highly recommend seafoaming, but I'm not sure about it. I don't think I would have put it in my northstar either.

09-24-07, 04:40 PM
If you would not use it in a Northstar, you should not use it in a Bronco or anything else for that matter. I have to wonder why the Bronco guys swear by it? What does it do? How do they know it is doing anything other than making smoke? Does all the smoke make them think it must be doing something? Personally, I am with Submariner. :tisk: Not in my engine.

09-25-07, 11:47 AM

THe thread is 11 pages long, but I guess the seafoam is supposed to clean out the engine.

09-25-07, 11:53 AM
I thought we discussed this back in '05 when he posted the original question?

09-25-07, 03:44 PM
Nothing wrong with a two year old conversation.