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10-25-03, 10:22 PM
Thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Jesse, I don't own a Cadillac, but the girl I'm "seeing" at the moment has an '86 Sedan Deville, which she picked up for $300. It seems to run great, but needs brakes, the air-ride suspension is shot, and something in the rear end is bent or something.

Me, being the "fix everything" kind of guy I am, will no doubt be volunteered to make all of these repairs (the things we do for love..)...

So, here I am, pushing my way into yet another automotive forum, hoping to glean some knowledge from the experts. I would like to direct you all to my first thread, because I've already set an "appointment" to fix her brakes. She has nearly NO brakes its just scary. I have to fix them because I don't want her to crash into stuff (she already took out a few trash cans at work!!!!)

Well, I drive a lifted Chevy Astro (built myself), and a hot-rodded 300zx turbo. You can see my van at www.geocities.com/astrovanoffroader.

The link to my question on brakes is http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=4098

10-25-03, 10:34 PM
Welcome to the fold, Astroman!

You're obviously a veteran of forums like this, we're happy to have you here.

A lot of us don't own Caddies (yet) so don't let that deter you from participating in any way.

Good luck with the brakes. I'm sure somebody around here has been there, done that.

10-26-03, 04:15 AM
Thanks for the greetings... I HOPE this girl sticks around long enough to require me to visit this forum more frequently.

Here in Vegas its hard to find anyone, let alone a female, that isn't moving out of town next week, or is so flaky you just can't handle it. :bonkers: I'll Be around, c ya.

10-26-03, 12:54 PM
yes, welcome aboard